Do you need an automatic monitoring and load balancing solution for your HPE XP7 Storage system?

HPE XP7 Auto LUN Software provides automatic monitoring and load balancing for your XP7 Storage. It makes the most efficient use of your disk arrays by moving high-priority tasks to underutilized volumes, replicating volumes for backup and recovery, and viewing the health of your arrays. You set performance goals and limits, and XP7 Auto LUN Software does the rest. It proposes a migration plan and estimates how much your storage performance will improve when it's done. You can evaluate disk array usage and determine whether resources are overloaded or out of balance.


Improve Performance with Rebalanced Resource Utilization

The HPE XP7 Auto LUN Software obtains usage statistics for disk drives, logical volumes, processors, and other resources in your HPE XP7 Storage so that you can keep your application working at peak efficiency.

Allows you to migrate data from overloaded resources to underutilized resources, while your application continues to access the data. Performance is improved without disruption.

The XP7 Auto LUN Software significantly lowers your IT expenditure with meter-based term licenses by purchasing software only for the period you use them.