Storage Device Management Software

Do you need a solution to verify that your infrequently used LTO tapes cartridges can be checked for their ability to successfully provide a restore? HPE StoreEver Data Verification Software provides the ability to periodically scan tapes inside a library or stored in a vaulted tape archive to validate the quality of data on LTO tape cartridges. Periodically scanning infrequently accessed tapes will provide a successful restore when that critical business data is needed. HPE StoreEver Data Verification Software is offered with ESL G3 and MSL6480 Tape Libraries in a simple 100 cartridge licensing model. Data Verification Software is fully integrated into HPE Command View Tape Library (CVTL) and HPE TapeAssure Advanced (TAA) Software providing a single screen console for management, multi-library manageability, and proactive notification of health, usage, and life of the library, media, and tape drives.

What's new

  • Data Verification is now available on the HP StoreEver MSL6480 Tape Library
  • Data Verification has the ability to scan tapes written in an LTFS format as well as encrypted tapes


Reduce Potential Restore Failures from an Archive

Provides data verification of infrequently accessed tapes stored in a library or in a vault.

HP StoreEver Data Verification Software can identify potential issues and make preventive recommendations improving data reliability and significantly reducing the risk of a restore failure.

Flexible policy based scans verifying data is healthy and accessible.

Scanning is performed in the background without interrupting host applications.

Mitigate the Risk of Data Loss in an Archive

The HP StoreEver Data Verification Software sets aside a dedicated partition in the tape library to verify readability of infrequently accessed tapes.

Provides periodic scanning to check and verify health of data in a tape archive.

Proactively identify potential media errors before a failure occurs.

Proactively know if a drive or tape cartridge needs preventive action.

Actively Manage Media Migration for Managing Archive Media Costs

The HPE StoreEver Data Verification Software automatically receives notification via email about media that falls below acceptable thresholds.

Migrate data to known quality media only when existing media is questionable.

HPE StoreEver Data Verification will proactively provide an automatic report with list of degraded tapes that need to be migrated.