Storage Area Networks and the tools that are used to manage them have become increasingly complex. SAN administrators spend more time in configuration tasks – tedious manual activities which can potentially result in unplanned downtime. The reasons for the complexity include the increased adoption of Virtualization – a complexity stemming from mapping the virtual and physical layers of the SAN and the adoption of multiple protocols - iSCSI, FC and FCoE. HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR makes SAN configuration and management simple and error-free through intelligent automation. It is a protocol agnostic application embedded in SAN components that enables the 3PAR to orchestrate configuration, settings and policies in a HPE StoreFabric SAN. HPE Smart SAN’s Target Driven Peer Zoning enables you to configure zones accurately in minutes and not in hours and its automatic discovery mechanism creates a powerful platform which would enable real-time diagnostics and SAN analysis for more resiliency.

What's new

  • 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) now supports HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR offering greater graphical simplification for the automatic provisioning of Hosts via 3PAR and HPE StoreFabric FC SANs.
  • Federated Target Driven Peer Zoning simplifies host provisioning/SAN zoning automatically in a 3PAR Federation with HPE StoreFabric SAN (host, switches and array).
  • New CLI extensions allows for more meaningful information to be displayed about SAN zones.
  • Expanded interoperability including Gen6 32 Gb FC support for host and switches.
  • Additional FC standards support.


Intelligence Embedded in SAN Components that Simplifies SAN zoning of a 3PAR and StoreFabric FC SAN

Industry standards based Automated Target and Federated Driven Peer Zoning makes SAN zoning simple, error-free and more SAN resilient for HPE 3PAR all-flash deployments, and reduces the tedious nature of SAN zoning from hours to minutes.

From a single point in the 3PAR array, extract meaningful information about HPE Smart SAN supported HPE StoreFabric FC devices (hosts, switches, array) to ease network troubleshooting.

Automatic Security Profile Enforcement (Port Binding) for HPE 5900CP and HPE 5930 Switches.

Standards based automatic discovery using FC in-band FC-CT/FDMI access and a Diagnostics Ready Fabric.

Embedded in the firmware and doesn't require installation of any additional software.