HPE 3PAR Optimization Suite gives virtual and cloud datacenters the ability to optimize service levels autonomically, affordably, and on a large scale. Optimization Suite delivers the powerful capabilities of HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization, Dynamic Optimization, and System Tuner Software combined into a single suite. With Optimization Suite, users can leverage fine-grained, autonomic tiering with Adaptive Optimization to optimize service levels at the sub-volume level; react quickly to changing application and infrastructure requirements with Dynamic Optimization to non-disruptively alter service levels associated with a storage volume (RAID level, subsystem failure protection level, drive type, stripe width, and/or radial placement) and to rebalance entire system or given storage volumes, each with a single click; and maintain balanced performance with System Tuner that non-disruptively detects potential bottlenecks and hotspots and rebalances volumes to maintain peak performance.


Autonomic Service Level Optimization Delivers Cost Savings and Enhances Agility

Adaptive Optimization matches data at the sub-volume level to the most cost-efficient resource capable of delivering the needed service level, so the right QoS is delivered to the right data at the right time.

Adaptive Optimization delivers sub-volume optimization that allows customers to reduce costs by meeting stringent performance targets with a lean premium Solid State Disk (SSD) tier while highly economical, widely striped enterprise SATA drives are used to meet broader capacity requirements.

Application-specific controls and comprehensive support for “thin” and “fat” volumes, volume copies, and metadata enable service level optimization for broad deployments to deliver maximum savings.

Intelligently monitors sub-volume performance and then applies user-specified policies to autonomically and non-disruptively move data.

Leverages the proven, fine-grained data movement engine built into HPE 3PAR Operating System Software. This data movement engine has been widely deployed by HPE 3PAR clients for non-disruptive rebalancing of storage volumes using HPE 3PAR Dynamic Optimization Software.

Aligns Application Requirements with Data QoS Levels Flexibly, Precisely, and on Demand

Dynamic Optimization non-disruptively alters service levels associated with a storage volume with a single click, without pre-planning or impacting application performance. Each storage volume resides on a single tier, but maintains mobility between tiers throughout the application lifecycle.

Delivers one-button system rebalance to drive large-scale performance optimizations autonomically and non-disruptively after adding new resources to the system or moving a large number of volumes between tiers.

Can be used to seamlessly adjust the RAID level, subsystem failure protection level, drive type, stripe width, or radial placement of volumes to achieve optimized data QoS levels.

Maintains Peak Performance with Administrative Simplicity, Flexibility, and Control

System Tuner targets underperforming storage at the sub-volume level by identifying fine-grained capacity units that fall below a specific user-definable threshold.

Automatically identifies and relocates underperforming chunklets to optimize performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

All pre-existing service level parameters, such as RAID levels and disk type, are fully maintained.

Runs completely in the background and is non-disruptive to users and applications

Configurable thresholds can be adjusted according to multiple criteria related to service times.