3PAR StoreServ Storage


Technical Specifications


  • 6 PB Raw
    15 PB Useable
    Based on 3.84 TB cLMC SSDs and HPE 3PAR compaction technologies

Drive description

  • (1920) SFF SAS/MDL SAS/SSD or
    (1024) SFF/LFF SSD or
    (960) LFF MDL SAS


  • (96) 3PAR 12 Gb/sec SAS SFF Drive Enclosure
    (96) 3PAR 12 Gb/sec SAS LFF Drive Enclosure

Maximum drives per enclosure

  • 24

Host interface

  • 32 Gb/sec Fibre Channel (10) Ports per controller


  • 51.6 TiB
    Maximum, depending on model

Storage controller

  • (8) 3PAR 6-core 2.5 GHz 20800 Controller Node
    (8) 3PAR 8-core 2.5 GHz 20850 Controller Node
    (4) 3PAR 8-core 2.5 GHz 20450 Controller Node
    (8) 3PAR 8-core 2.5 GHz 20840 Controller Node
    Maximum, depending on model

Availability features

  • Redundant power supplies, battery backup units, Mesh active controllers
    Persistent Cache, Drive sparing and Multiple OS instances.

Compatible operating systems

  • HP-UX
    HPE OpenVMS
    Microsoft Windows Hyper-V
    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
    Citrix XenServer
    Oracle Linux
    Oracle Enterprise Linux
    Oracle UEK
    Oracle Solaris
    Ubuntu Server Edition 12.04 LTS
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
    VMware ESX and ESXi
    SLES11 SP3
    Apple OS X
    Also includes Red Hat Virtualization, IBM Virtualization and SLES Virtualization