StoreVirtual Storage

The HPE StoreVirtual 3000 Storage series brings enterprise capabilities to entry storage customers with an advanced, multi-controller architecture designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind for a low starting cost. A highly virtualized backend and a single storage capacity pool deliver superior efficiency. Flexibly and non-disruptively add flash performance, file management, remote replication, and additional capacity to keep pace with changing business needs. A single screen lets you manage multiple platforms via an intuitive GUI with the same look and feel shared with HPE ProLiant servers. Plug-ins for VMware and Hyper-V let you manage the storage behind your server virtualization deployment from within your existing management tools. An affordable, granular, building-block approach lets you invest in a low-cost, entry-level unit that is ready to scale when you are, providing investment protection that helps you get off of the disposable technology treadmill.

What's new

  • Address changing needs with additional performance, capacity, resiliency, and optional file protocol support.
  • Apply 5 9’s availability when and where you need it with synchronous replication of data between systems and sites.
  • Simplify management with a single user interface and plug-ins that let you manage your storage from within existing server virtualization management consoles.
  • Simplify and de-risk storage modernization with tools for HPE MSA and StoreVirtual 4000 migration.
  • 8 GB high-capacity HDD now available for improved $/GB.


Next-gen, Multi-controller Architecture lets You Start Small and Flexibly Accelerate Performance

An HDD-only base configuration with the option to add flash lets you flexibly grow performance, capacity, data resiliency, and file protocol options as your needs change, providing investment protection and extending your ROI.

Adding a little flash lets you supercharge your apps. Optional Adaptive Optimization software allows the system to react automatically to real-time I/O fluctuations so that, as workloads change, your most frequently accessed data lands on flash for app acceleration.

Deploy Your Storage in Minutes and Manage it with Zero Learning Curve

A single screen lets you manage multiple systems using an intuitive GUI that offers a simple, consumer-driven management experience designed with HPE ProLiant server users in mind.

A powerful, proactive cloud-based analytics engine makes storage optimization a snap while built-in best practices algorithms make sure you get the most out of your storage investment.

Developed with a highly virtualized 12 Gb SAS back-end and a single pool of storage capacity to offer superior efficiency.

Apply 5 9’s Availability When and Where You Need It

Designed from the ground up to provide user-selectable resiliency across systems and sites to keep applications up and running while controlling costs.

With over 2,000 snapshots available in the base system, users will have the flexibility to fine-tune disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) options to best fit their environment.

Multiple unique replication and data availability features bring 99.999% availability1 down into the entry-level storage category. App-integrated, app-aware snapshots simplify disaster recovery.

Synchronous replication between systems and sites lets you balance cost and resiliency.

Start Small and Grow Along Multiple Dimensions

Seamlessly scales to meet changing performance and/or capacity needs. For added versatility, you can even add file protocol support with an optional file gateway.

HPE StoreVirtual Migration Manager software lets you simplify and de-risk of workload migrations from HPE MSA and HPE StoreVirtual 4000 platforms.

Leverages the same field-proven composable data fabric that is shared across HPE StoreVirtual systems and VSA software running on ProLiant, HPE Hyperconverged appliances, and HPE Synergy.

By using the same software-defined storage operating system across this composable data fabric, HPE’s vision is to provide customers the freedom to grow in any direction, at any time, across any form factor or consumption model.

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    HPE Storage quality review weekly data, August 2012.