How does Cyberinc make it possible to eliminate threats before they reach a user’s endpoint?

The Cyberinc solution available through the HPE Complete program leverages the power of Cyberinc’s Isla Isolation Platform to proactively prevent web, email, and document-based threats. Isla uses state-of-the-art isolation technology to neutralize threats and prevent them before they have a chance to act, simplifying the security strategy and delivering immediate protection. Fetch, execute, and render functions, that a browser usually conducts on the endpoint, are performed away from the user’s endpoint and outside of the network, delivering complete protection by transforming active code into a stream of harmless pixels. For the end-user, there is no material change in their user experience or productivity. The internet is safer now with Isla.


Complete Security from Web Malware - Removing Complexity and Boosting Productivity

The Cyberinc solution, available through HPE Complete secures network and end points from web malware.

Provides complete protection against browser-based attacks via web, email, and infected documents.

Its simplified architecture approach empowers scale and speed.

Improves productivity of IT staff while greatly reducing organizational risk of cyberattacks.

Seamless User Experience While Enjoying Complete Isolation from Web-Based Threats

The Cyberinc solution uses AI-powered Isla Air-Gap protocol that dynamically adapts to content, network, and display considerations and helps ensure seamless and transparent user experience.

Available as on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments to suit needs of the organization.

Isla supports all major platforms, including Windows®, macOS, and Linux®.

Easy to Scale, While Retaining Centralized Control, Monitoring, and Intelligence

The Cyberinc solution comes with the Isla Control Center which is a single point of administration and control for simplified deployment and management.

Provides individual and group policy-based controls.

Add users and rapidly scale capacity with automated load balancing and fail-over.

Configure customized user profiles and access limits.

Bypass trusted sites and applications.

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