Does your high performance computing (HPC) data center require a demanding networking infrastructure?

The HPE Apollo 10/40GbE Ethernet Switch has 240GbE uplink bandwidth/240 Gb available server bandwidth; wire-speed switching and IPv4/IPv6 routing on all ports. Up to two switches are supported on a single HPE Apollo k6000 chassis for increased bandwidth and redundancy. The switch offers 4 QSFP+ ports, each supports 1x40GbE ports (or optional breakout cable); 2 SFP+ ports support 10GbE or 1GbE (transceiver SFP to RJ45 module required). Features such as cut-through switching, IRF connections with uplink or cross connect port, hardware-based wire-speed access control lists (ACLs), Data Center Bridging (DCBX) and VXLAN (RFC 7348) are supported by this switch.


Excels As Demanding Networking Infrastructure

HPE Apollo 10/40GbE Ethernet Switch delivers multiple switches and can be virtualized and managed as a single entity with the HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC).

Uplink or cross connect ports can be used for IRF connections.

The switch provides cut-through switching, Data Center Bridging (DCBX), and support for VXLAN (RFC 7348) for increased flexibility.

Flexible Configuration Options

HPE Apollo 10/40GbE Ethernet Switch provides 10GbE to each server for increased performance.

Up to two switchers per enclosure for increased bandwidth and redundancy.

Single logical switch, with switches A and B for flexibility to manage as single entity.

Multi-chassis LAG support (via IRF) for scale-out HPC clusters.

Flexible Uplink Ports for Diverse Environments

HPE Apollo 10/40GbE Ethernet Switch delivers 4xQSFP+ each supporting 1x40GbE ports; 2 SFP+ ports and 2 SFP+ each supporting 10GbE or 1GbE, thus providing support for 1/10/40GbE range of networking.

Comprehensive cable options (DAC, AOC, transceivers, adapters) for increased flexibility.

Hardware Managed by the Chassis Manager (CM)

HPE Apollo 10/40GbE Ethernet Switch supports discover, power and thermal control for increased monitoring of the network health.

Serial Console for local access to switch.

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