Are your mission-critical applications running on a costly proprietary system—and are you concerned about x86 reliability and availability, or are you using standard x86 servers for these workloads but need extra scalability, performance or uptime?
HP Integrity Superdome X sets new high standards for x86 availability, scalability and performance, the ideal platform for your critical Linux® workloads. Superdome X blends x86 efficiencies with proven HP mission-critical innovations for a superior uptime experience and groundbreaking performance. Breakthrough scalability of up to 16 sockets, and 12 TB of memory handle your in-memory and large scale-up x86 workloads. Through our unique HP nPars technology, Superdome X delivers 20x greater reliability than platforms relying on soft partitions alone.
Whether you want to maximize your Linux applications uptime, standardize or consolidate, Superdome X helps you transform your mission-critical environment in ways you could never before imagine.


Move at the Speed of Business

Accelerate insights and business transactions time to value with HPE Integrity Superdome X Server, highest performing platform on 16P two-tier SAP® Sales and Distribution (SD) standard application benchmark1.

Address your largest and most demanding workloads with breakthrough x86 scalability of up to 16 sockets and 48 TB memory2.

Scale confidently without compromising performance with a 1.77x scalability factor3 from 4 to 8 and from 8 to 16 sockets.

Increase Competitive Differentiation and Reduce Business Risk

Support your largest enterprise applications breakthrough x86 scalability of up to 16 sockets and, 12 TB memory.

Benefit from up to 95% reduction in memory outages over standard x86 with Hewlett Packard Enterprise "Firmware First" architecture and memory RAS improvements over Intel® base code6.

Isolate critical applications from other application failures with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise unique x86 hard partitioning (HPE nPars).

Increase cost efficiencies with a 32% lower TCO than IBM Power4 .

Rest assured with five nines (99.999%) single-system availability9.

Accelerate Service Delivery with a Superior Linux Availability Experience

Maximize the uptime of your critical Linux applications on the HP Integrity Superdome X Server with up to 20x greater reliability and 60% less downtime than other x86 platforms5 .

Re-host costly proprietary mainframe/RISC workloads with 41% lower TCO than IBM POWER10.

Lower solution costs by up to 35%11 with a scale-up vs scale-out solution.

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    Oracle® is a trademark of Oracle Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
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