Want the convenience and flexibility of a private cloud that you can trust to run your mission-critical applications?

Modern IT architectures aim towards creating a software defined provisioning, deployment and consumption model for IT services based on the cloud paradigm. Enterprises would like to consider private or hybrid clouds for deploying more of their applications and get the business benefits of an instant-on enterprise. Providing mission-critical availability for applications deployed in such an environment is a challenge and HPE Virtualized NonStop makes that possible. With its massively parallel processing architecture coupled with its ability to survive single point failures, HPE Virtualized NonStop provides the unique advantages of mission-critical availability and near linear scalability for software solutions deployed in a cloud environment built using industry standard IT hardware products and managed using OpenStack.

What's new

  • HPE Virtualized NonStop is now available as a software only solution
  • Can be deployed in an OpenStack® private cloud and industry standard servers running the KVM hypervisor
  • Runs on IT infrastructure built using industry standard hardware products from HPE and other vendors


Brings Fault Tolerant Solutions to Industry Standard Servers Based on Intel x86-64 Processors

HPE Virtualized NonStop Software enables you to run NonStop workloads on Industry Standard Servers based on the Intel x86-64 processor architecture.

This enables you to standardize your IT infrastructure choosing from among the hardware products offered by HPE and other vendors.

Standardizing your IT infrastructure enables you to reduce the capital and operational cost of running your NonStop workload.

Deploy NonStop Workloads in OpenStack Private Cloud

HPE Virtualized NonStop Software helps you to install, deploy and manage NonStop workloads inside your OpenStack based private cloud.

Gain from operational flexibility and agility offered by cloud technologies for the NonStop workload.

Make your NonStop solution future proof and aligned with your company’s enterprise cloud strategy.

Run Applications Built for the NonStop X Platform in Private Clouds Without Modification

HPE Virtualized NonStop Software enables a choice-point for applications built for the NonStop X platform to now be deployed as a virtualized workload in the private cloud.

No need to recompile or rebuild the NonStop X software to run on the virtualized platform.

The entire suite of NonStop X applications are available for Virtualized NonStop, right out of the door.

NonStop Fundamentals are Now Available on your Choice of IT Infrastructure

HPE Virtualized NonStop Software is offered and supported by HPE, your trusted IT partner.

Delivers the same NonStop fundamentals of scalability, security and availability, that you have always relied on, now available on your choice of infrastructure.

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