HPE InfoSight for Servers combines the machine learning and predictive analytics of HPE InfoSight with the health and performance monitoring of Active Health System (AHS) and HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) to optimize performance and predict and prevent problems. HPE InfoSight for Servers nearly eliminates wasted time and headaches by transforming how infrastructure is managed and supported. AHS is like a “flight recorder” for your server that provides continuous, proactive health monitoring and recording thousands of system parameters and diagnostic telemetry data 24x7 on the server. HPE InfoSight for Servers analyzes the telemetry data from AHS to derive insights from the behaviors of the install base to provide recommendations to resolve problems and improve performance. This first release of HPE InfoSight for Servers delivers a foundational set of capabilities that will be augmented over time.

What's new

  • Predictive data analytics for parts failure.
  • Data analytics for server security.
  • Global Operational Dashboard - consolidated view of the status, performance, and health of the server infrastructure including system information, server warranty and support status.
  • Global Wellness Dashboard - consolidated view of the health of the server infrastructure including recommendations.
  • Recommendations to eliminate performance bottlenecks on servers.
  • Support for HPE ProLiant servers, HPE BladeSystem servers, HPE Synergy compute modules, and HPE Apollo systems (Gen10, Gen9, and Gen8 servers with iLO 5 and iLO 4).


Predict and Prevent Problems

Proactive Resolution: HPE InfoSight for Servers works with Active Health System (AHS) and iLO to predict and recommend solutions for configuration, health, and performance problems across your server infrastructure.

Identifies Known Issues: If a problem is detected in one server, HPE InfoSight for Servers learns to predict the issue and recommend a solution for all servers in the installed base.

Global Visibility and Learning

See What Others Can’t: HPE InfoSight for Servers sees from the past to the future and across your infrastructure, providing deep health and performance insights across your server infrastructure.

Servers Get Smarter: Every server gets better and more reliable by learning from the collective insights and experiences of the entire install base.

Support You Actually Like

HPE InfoSight for Servers proactively collects and analyzes each server's Active Health System (AHS) data to identify configuration, health, and performance problems and recommend solutions across your server infrastructure.

Rapid Root Cause: HPE support engineers have deep expertise in storage, servers, OSs, hypervisors and applications. And, since HPE InfoSight already has all the information about the problem and your environment, the root cause for even the most complex issues are quickly identified.