Get the most out of your SAP HANA platform

Real-time data, coupled with rich analytics, is fueling the digital transformation of today’s enterprises. To get the most out of your SAP HANA platform, the infrastructure that supports it must address rigorous availability, security, and reliability standards, which often span on-premises, hybrid architectures, and even multiple clouds.

Get the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform experience

Gain superior performance and agility by running your mission-critical workloads on some of the biggest and fastest bare metal appliances available today, all in a pay-per-use model with the HPE GreenLake platform.

  • SAP-certified hardware, operating system, and services
  • Choice of configurations, appliance or TDI
  • Design, implementation, and operational services from HPE Pointnext Services
  • Pay-per-use flexibility to handle enterprise scale

    Leverage cloud capabilities while keeping your SAP landscape on-premises, facilitating the move to SAP S/4HANA with the customer edition of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud delivered with the HPE GreenLake platform.

Complete, purpose-built solutions

Get faster time to value with solutions optimized for SAP HANA with certified SAP hardware from HPE. Deploy faster with reference architectures from HPE Pointnext services.

Up to 30% reduction in infrastructure costs

Keep costs on par with public cloud with capacity management from HPE GreenLake Central. Take advantage of our flexible pay-per-use model, with charges based on gigabytes used by SAP HANA.

Less business risk

Maintain security, compliance, and data sovereignty with this on-premises solution, as well as higher levels of continuity and availability with a fine-tuned SAP environment.

Simplified IT

Get SAP HANA managed and operated for you, with expertise available as needed to migrate, integrate, secure, and optimize your SAP HANA environment.

Why the HPE GreenLake platform?

HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA offers an SAP certified infrastructure, with choice of configurations—appliance or TDI, operating system, services to meet workload performance and availability objectives, and the flexibility of a pay-per-use model that lets you start small and grow with business needs.

On average, HPE GreenLake customers report:


Shortened time to market

Easy capacity planning and a ready-to-use buffer speeds the deployment of global IT projects.A%20commissioned%20study%20conducted%20by%20Forrester%20Consulting%2C%20The%20Total%20Economic%20Impact%20TM%20of%20HPE%20GreenLake%2C%20May%202020


CAPEX savings

Eliminating overprovisioning and technology refresh spending cuts costs.A%20commissioned%20study%20conducted%20by%20Forrester%20Consulting%2C%20The%20Total%20Economic%20Impact%20TM%20of%20HPE%20GreenLake%2C%20May%202020


Reduction in support costs

Support, administration, and planning are included with HPE GreenLake services.A%20commissioned%20study%20conducted%20by%20Forrester%20Consulting%2C%20The%20Total%20Economic%20Impact%20TM%20of%20HPE%20GreenLake%2C%20May%202020