The High Performance Consortium for Advanced Scientific and Technical (HP-CAST) computing users group works to increase the capabilities of Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions for large-scale, scientific and technical computing. HP-CAST provides guidance to Hewlett Packard Enterprise on the essential development and support issues for such systems. HP-CAST meetings typically include corporate briefings and presentations by HPE executives and technical staff (under NDA), and discussions of customer issues related to high-performance technical computing.


Worldwide Conference 2017


Radisson Blu Hotel, Franklinstr. 65, 60486 Frankfurt, Germany 
June 16-17, 2017.

Event Information and Registration here.

Prior HP-CAST worldwide conferences

Upcoming HP-CAST regional conferences

Prior HP-CAST regional conferences


HP-CAST Taiwan, Taipei, April 2016

HP-CAST Korea, Seoul, May 2016

HP-CAST India, Kerala, September 2016


HP-CAST Middle Asia, Kazakhsthan 2015

HP-CAST India, Rajasthan 2015

HP-CAST Korea, Seoul 2015

HP-CAST Japan, Tokyo 2015

HP-CAST Kroatia, Zagreb 2015

HP-CAST Columbia, Bogota 2015

HP-CAST Mexico, Mexico City 2015

HP-CAST Brazil, Sao-Paulo 2015

HP-CAST Chile, Santiago de Chile 2015


HP-CAST Japan, July 2014

HP-CAST Korea July 2014

HP-CAST India August 2014

HP-CAST Taiwan October 2014


HP-CAST Korea, Feb 2013

HP-CAST India, July 2013

HP-CAST Japan, October 2013


HP-CAST China, Jan 2012

HP-CAST Japan, April 2012

HP-CAST Korea, May 2012

HP-CAST India, May 2012

HP-CAST Taiwan, Oct 2012

HP-CAST – CAE Munich, Oct 2012


HP-CAST China Jan 2011

HP-CAST Japan Jan, 2011

HP-CAST India Jan 2011

HP-CAST Korea, April 2011

HP-CAST Taiwan, Sep 2011

HP-CAST Iberica, Oct 2011

HP-CAST – CAE Tokyo, Oct 2011


HP-CAST Iberica Nov 2010

HP-CAST organization


Prof. Rudolf Lohner, Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology, Germany 

SIG chairmen - large systems

Stephen Wheat, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Nigel Barry, Airbus

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Liaison

Dr. Frank Baetke, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Comunidad : Contact HP-CAST


Contact HP-CAST

Comunidad : HP-CAST Community (Invitation-only group on LinkedIn)

HP-CAST Community

HP-CAST Community (Invitation-only group on LinkedIn)

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