SDN Applications

Get more power, security and flexibility from applications run in a single dashboard. Simply download apps for specific services and reap the benefits of SDN in minutes.

Take Your Network to the Next Level

With Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications for security, optimization, visibility and cloud orchestration, you can protect your network, keep traffic flowing smoothly, instantly troubleshoot issues, and maintain centralized control.

Simple Deployment, Profound Impact

Easily discover, research and purchase SDN applications, then quickly download them to your environment for testing and live deployment. They’re fast and easy to implement, platform agnostic and fully validated.

Don’t Let Legacy Networks Hold You Back

With the centralized control provided by SDN applications and devices, your network isn’t limited by its hardware. You can complete a major upgrade by yourself and manage a global network from a single dashboard.

HPE Network Optimizer

Dynamically provision the end-to-end network path and Quality of Service (QoS) policy, reducing the need for manual, device-by-device configuration, simplifying policy deployment and reducing the likelihood of human errors.

HPE Network Protector

Turn your entire network infrastructure into security-enforcement devices, providing visibility and threat protection against more than one million malicious botnets, malware and spyware sites.

HPE Network Visualizer

Easily monitor traffic on your entire network with detailed visibility, eliminating the need to use expensive overlay appliances and probes to examine each port.

Cloud Orchestration

Use SDN apps to manage your cloud infrastructure, functions and services quickly and easily, all from a central location.

HPE Virtual Cloud Networking

Build a robust multi-tenant networking infrastructure that is able to deliver ready-to-use compute, storage, and networking.

HPE-VMware Solution

Provide an integrated approach to automate your physical and virtual network infrastructure, with a federated HPE Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller and the VMware NSX platform.

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking

Use SDN and network visualization to build a distributed, multi-cloud environment.

The Industry’s First SDN App Store

The Industry’s First SDN App Store

The SDN App Store is both a marketplace for SDN applications and a platform to share innovations. Find the tools you need to boost adaptability and provide specific network services and functionality—without reconfiguring your network.

HPE Helion OpenStack®

A simple, flexible cloud infrastructure with open-platform applications that accelerate your transition to hybrid networking.


Artículo: : Premio a la Excelencia SDN 2015


HPE es líder en arquitectura SDN y aplicaciones con la red optimizando el centro de gestión inteligente.

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Observe cómo los administradores de red pueden ejecutar redes de forma más eficaz usando SDN.

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Una red no preparada para aplicaciones multimedia como Microsoft Lync limita la productividad y la rentabilidad de la inversión. La conectividad de red HPE garantiza una experiencia Lync óptima.

Informe técnico : Ecosistema Open SDN y aplicaciones SDN

Informe técnico

Obtenga respuestas a las principales cuestiones sobre el ecosistema Open SDN y las aplicaciones SDN.

Artículo: : Talleres de transformación de red


Explore el viaje de transformación hacia la conectividad alineada con los negocios, alineando su situación concreta con soluciones procesables.