What are Digital Twins?

A digital twin is a virtualized depiction of the operating condition of a physical object, process, system, or service.

Digital Twins definition

The concept of digital twin comprises three elements: a physical twin in the real world, a digital twin in virtual space that depicts all historic and real-time operating data about the physical twin, and interconnectivity that enables the two to share information. Digital twins can be used to run simulations and to look inside the operating twin to monitor processes and seek out potential failures.

Why Digital Twins?

Assets generate millions of data points that can be analyzed for value. Digital twins can help improve efficiency, fix problems before they occur, develop new offerings, address design issues early, train employees, foster innovation, and much more. All stakeholders have access to the same always-up-to-date, real-time digital twin from anywhere in the world, ensuring effective collaboration.

Why HPE for Digital Twins?

To fully leverage digital twin technology, you need a reliable partner with market-leading high-performance computing (HPC), IoT, imaging, and infrastructure solutions. HPE offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services, and the best ecosystem of partners to help you get the full benefits of digital twin technologies. HPE has for decades helped customers innovate, achieve new levels of profits and performance, simplify system and data management, and reduce costs and complexity.

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