Data Availability, Protection and Retention

Maximize data availability with a simpler, faster, more integrated and cost-effective data protection architecture.

Non-Disruptive Data Backup and Recovery

Today’s businesses demand aggressive SLAs. Data-loss risks and downtime recovery must be minimized. We can equip your data to respond with reduced storage requirements and enhanced Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Add Productivity, Not Infrastructure

A fully converged backup, recovery and archive infrastructure can expand your capabilities everywhere—including remote/branch (ROBO) sites—without re-architecting. Save space and accelerate backup and recovery workloads with bulletproof quality and lower TCO.

Safeguard Critical Data

Handle massive increases in volume. Add structure to unstructured data. Execute real-time analytics. Scale more efficiently. Now, you can complement existing infrastructure with single-dashboard management and the latest thin, flat and federated deduplication techniques.


Reduced Storage Requirements Using Deduplicated Backups


Faster Flat Backups with HPE StoreOnce RMC Compared to Traditional Backup Methods


Capacity in Standalone Tape Drives and Libraries in a Single System

Flat, Federated, Software-defined Portfolio

Simplify and modernize your data protection systems.

HPE StoreOnce Backup and VSA

Industry’s fastest disk-based data backup for federated, software-defined and virtualized environments.

HPE StoreEver

Tape drives, media and automation for dense, simple, scalable long-term retention.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Solutions

Protect your data while making the right move for your data center with our family of flash, hybrid and disk primary storage devices

Data Protection and the Cloud

HPE Helion Content Depot: Object Storage

Master massive scale, rapid structuring and encryption of at-rest and in-flight data to align your business with IoT and Big Data disruption.

Simple Data Protection, No Boundaries

Modernize your data strategy and protect your organization’s most valuable asset.

HPE Data Protector Software

Software that protects your data from core to edge, gives you real-time intelligence and guides how you optimize your backup strategy.

Security and Risk Management Services

Our experts can help you minimize incident impact and control costs through insights.

Security Solutions

Build in security throughout the data-driven enterprise as you adapt to new platforms, applications and services.


Catalog : See the Depth and Breadth of Our Portfolio, Find Products Fast or Browse All Storage


Choose the right storage products for your business. Know what you need? Find it fast or browse the full storage product portfolio.

Catalog : Select HPE Storage Products That Are Right for You, Filter and Compare


This tool helps you compare options and select the right storage products for your business.

Brochure : Data Protection Buyer’s Guide for Enterprise Storage

Data Protection Buyer’s Guide for Enterprise Storage

Data Protection Buyer’s Guide: What You Need to Know Now for Modern Backup

Brochure : Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash Storage: Considerations for Tech Savvy Buyers

Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash Storage: Considerations for Tech Savvy Buyers

The Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash Storage – Key Considerations for the Tech Savvy Storage Buyer

Blog Post : Around the Storage Block Blog: StoreOnce

Around the Storage Block Blog: StoreOnce
Blog Post

Around the Storage Block Blog: Everything You Need to Know About StoreOnce

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The Business Value of HPE StoreEver
Video - 3:53

More data is being stored on HPE StoreEver than ever before because of the proven business benefits.

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HPE StoreEver Tape for Archive
Video - 3:43

Short pitch on how archive differs from backup and how HPE StoreEver tape archive solutions can reduce costs and risk, and save time.

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HPE StoreOnce + HP StoreEver Tape: The Smart Solution
Video - 3:45

This video demonstrates how HPE StoreOnce Disk and HPE StoreEver tape have different yet complementary roles to play.

Analyst Report : ESG: ‘Multiple Data Protection Solutions’ Does Not Have to Mean ‘Multiple Vendors’

ESG: Multiple Data Protection Solutions Does Not Have to Mean Multiple Vendors
Analyst Report

Multiple Data Protection Solutions' Does Not Have to Mean 'Multiple Vendors – ESG Analyst Report [Jul 2014]