HPE XP Storage

Your mission-critical data applications need unmatched high performance storage, seven 9s availability and always-on disaster recovery.

HPE XP High Availability Storage HPE XP High Availability Storage

Extreme Availability, Top Performance and Easy Consolidation

HPE XP7 Storage is designed for mission-critical applications. Its array-based virtualization increases availability, simplifies DR, and improves resource utilization by helping eliminate storage silos. All with lowest-in-class TCO.

Thin Provisioning

HPE XP7 Smart Tiers Software and HPE XP7 Thin Provisioning provides quick, automated flexibility for your changing application needs. Buy what you need today, configure capacity for your business’s future, and allow HPE XP7 Storage to automatically monitor and adjust to meet performance and capacity needs.

Disaster Recovery

You need to be able to protect your data and continue doing business even in the event of a large-scale disaster. HPE XP7 Storage supports clustering solutions that allow remote mirroring to be integrated with a high availability server cluster, providing multisite disaster recovery. And with 100% uptime and the ultimate in non-disruptive online data migration, your data center is unstoppable.

Uncompromising Security

XP7 high performance storage software is designed and engineered to always protect your data while never compromising availability. The encryption capability of HPE XP7 Storage decreases exposure to data loss, and you can reduce the risk of unauthorized access, prevent unauthorized modification, and protect your information at the end of its lifecycle by completely deleting data on a specified volume.

Less Latency

HPE XP7 Storage delivers 3.2M IOPS at less than 0.6 milliseconds of latency without sacrificing availability or disaster recovery capacity. With the solid-state, non-volatile data capacity of HPE XP7 Flash Modules, you can attain ultra-high performance and sustained extreme low response times for the most demanding application workloads.

HPE SAN Deployment Service

With three service levels based on the size and complexity of your network, HPE SAN Deployment Service provides installation and configuration of your storage area network (SAN). The service covers a comprehensive complement of technologies and provides implementation in accordance with product manufacturer specifications and the configuration requirements of your business.

HPE XP7 Software Management

HPE XP7 Smart Tiers Software improves storage performance and controls costs by transparently migrating data to appropriate tiers of storage within HPE XP7 Storage. HPE Smart Tiers manages data in thin provisioning pools, and can migrate data online to a different tier, automatically or manually, based on policies. Users can even set up inexpensive external storage as a storage tier for infrequently accessed data. Learn more about XP7 Storage Software.

High Availability HPE XP7 Portfolio


The HPE XP7 Storage system combines a 14-9s availability1 platform of scalable, fully online and redundant hardware with high-performance, advanced data replication, disaster recovery and online data migration capabilities.

  • Capacity

    • 8PB Raw
    • 5.9PB Useable
    • 247PB External Storage
    • Maximum Supported Capacities
  • Drive Description

    • (2304) SFF SAS or
    • (1152) LFF SAS or
    • (384) SFF SAS/SSD or
    • (576) Flash Module SAS
    • Supports Multiple Media Form Factor
  • Host Interface

    • 16Gb/8Gb Fibre Channel (192) Ports or
    • 8 Gb Fibre Channel (192) Ports or
    • 16Gb/8Gb FICON (176) Ports or
    • 10 Gb FCoE (176) Port
  • Availability Features

    • All active components are redundant and hot-swappable
  • Cache

    • 2TB
    • Maximum Supported Capacity. Includes up to 80 GB of Shared Memory
  • Frames (Range)

    • 1–6
  • Shared Memory (Maximum)

    • 80GB

Guaranteed compression and availability

We offer programs that guarantee your ability to reduce your storage capacity requirements by at least 50% and achieve 100% data availability.

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See the depth and breadth of our portfolio, find products fast, or browse all storage

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1. For Configurations using active-active high availability software, 7-9s availability achieved on other configurations.

For configurations using active-active high availability software; 7-9s availability achieved on other configurations.