HPE and Forrester discuss the smart SimpliVity acquisition

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  • Webinar


Since Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced its plan to acquire SimpliVity, the industry and customers have quickly become interested in the news and voiced their thoughts or simply started asking questions. On March 23, 2017, Richard Fichera, Senior Forrester Analyst, and McLeod Glass, VP of Product Management, sat down to discuss the market, acquisition and how this ties to Hybrid IT.

Watch the replay to see how HPE and Simplivity, together now deliver the industry’s only built-for-enterprise hyperconvergence offering. Customers can now get ahead of the game—and the competition—with the new HPE SimpliVity, best-in-class, software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure, that allows customers to make hybrid IT simple by:

• Rapidly deploying applications
• Saving up to 90% capacity
• Simplifing backup and restore

Customers will now have access to user-friendly software-defined data management and less time on set-up and management allowing customers more time to focus on what’s really important: your business’ innovation and speed to market.

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