Virtual Ethernet Software

HPE Virtualized Security Services is a software-defined security solution for data centers and wide area network (WAN) environments. When combined with the HPE Distributed Cloud Networking product it helps address protection, detection, and operational security challenges in cloud environments driven by emerging security threats and multi-tenancy. Delivering end-to-end (cloud, data center, and branch) software-defined network security, visibility, and an automation solution. HPE Virtualized Security Services extends HPE Distributed Cloud Networking, a software-defined networking (SDN) platform, with value-added security capabilities that provide contextual traffic visibility and security monitoring, as well as dynamic security automation for rapid incident response. Delivers features in addition to the HPE Distributed Cloud Networking capabilities to provide enterprise level security to micro-segmentation, policy automation, and policy enforcement.

What's new

  • Provides unified policy and visibility for improved security and manageability across containers, multi-hypervisor VMs and bare-metal.
  • Supports a three-pronged security methodology of prevent, detect, respond.
  • End-to-end security across enterprise (data center, branch and cloud).
  • Dynamic security automation enables faster response to mitigate threats.
  • Simplified deployment and management, no agents needed on guest OS.


Distributed Security Enforcement and Centralized Security Policy Management

The HPE Virtualized Security Services delivers software-defined segmentation and distributed security policy enforcement for increased flexibility.

Simplified security management based on templates to save you time.

Multi-layer security policy management to offer different levels of security depending on the group or individual.

Security Monitoring and Analytics

The HPE Virtualized Security Services allows contextual flow visualization when combined with the HPE Distributed Cloud Networking product.

Virtualized network monitoring and security analytics for ease of use.

Policy-based mirroring to increase reliability.

Dynamic Security Automation

The HPE Virtualized Security Services provides alarm filtering with deeper analytics when combined with HPE Distributed Cloud Networking product.

Automated quarantine of affected end points to reduce potential infection.