Pushing the limits of healthcare

The future of healthcare technology is driving better patient outcomes by making data more accessible to caregivers and giving them the power to turn that data into actionable insight. Many innovative solutions are coming to market in the growing areas of electronic health record (EHR), patient-centered devices, Big Data analytics, mobile apps, the connected patient, and clinician productivity. All of these require an underlying IT infrastructure that's reliable, scalable, and secure.

HPE OEM advantage

HPE OEM Solutions harness the industry's most transformative technology through our 4S Ecosystem


Comprehensive answers built on decades of experience


Dedicated personnel to manage everything from planning to delivery

Supply chain

Worldwide resources that reach everywhere you need to go


A global network that helps you provide unparalleled service for your customers


We're transforming technology for your healthcare customers

Server, storage, and networking technology from HPE OEM can accelerate and enhance healthcare systems designed to capture information, monitor progress, maintain records, correlate test results, analyze data, and more.

  • 88%

    of Global Fortune 500 healthcare and life sciences companies rely on HPE products and solutionsEnterprise%20Data%20Warehouse%20%28Integrated%20End%20Customers%20Reporting%20Domain%29%2C%20End%20Customers%20Revenue%20from%202015%20Q2%20to%202017%20Q1.

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    of Fortune 500 healthcare and life sciences companies take advantage of HPE servicesEnterprise%20Data%20Warehouse%20%28Integrated%20End%20Customers%20Reporting%20Domain%29%2C%20End%20Customers%20Revenue%20from%202015%20Q2%20to%202017%20Q1.

  • 88%

    of Global Fortune 500 healthcare and life sciences companies engage HPE technology consultingEnterprise%20Data%20Warehouse%20%28Integrated%20End%20Customers%20Reporting%20Domain%29%2C%20End%20Customers%20Revenue%20from%202015%20Q2%20to%202017%20Q1.