HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software

Accelerate the development, deployment, and monitoring of AI applications, models and workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Extensive platform for AI and ML

Accelerate the lifecycle of analytics and AI models with a SaaS platform, managed ecosystem of open-source tooling and standardized environments. 

Maximize productivity

Seamless access to data and extensible open-source environments eliminates IT bottlenecks giving developers consistent, self-service access to the evergreen tools they need to deliver across hybrid environments.

Confidently innovate, everywhere

Deploy AI and advanced analytics where your enterprise requires them to break down barriers and meet regulatory, compliance and performance needs.

Predictable, transparent economics

SaaS delivery provides predictable, transparent economics and precise controls to optimize cost and utilization across environments.

Our customers

Unifying analytics across a hybrid cloud environment

End-to-end analytics and AI platform that accelerates development, deployment and monitoring of AI and ML apps across hybrid environments.

Self-service retail powered by AI

Reduce labor costs and loss while improving efficiency and customer satisfaction with next generation retail systems based on HPE Ezmeral Software.

AI accelerates end-to-end fraud detection

HPE Ezmeral Software helps organizations develop fraud detection workflows in days and weeks instead of months.

Next generation of AI-powered healthcare

Learn how analytics and AI assists doctors and clinicians to diagnose conditions and prescribe treatments.

Our partners and clients

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Accelerate your AI advantage

Advance your AI projects to solve your business needs and enhance productivity.

Turn data into intelligence

A single source of truth from data to make smart decisions and recommendations to customers.

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