With the adoption of hybrid cloud models, including the movement of apps and data into public cloud environments, organizations have new exposure to a host of regulations governing technical and process controls, data protection and privacy, and more—including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and many others. Simply understanding these regulations and their effect is a huge undertaking; the subsequent evaluation of the organization’s processes and behaviors to identify non-compliance is another. And active remediation of compliance failures is a further significant burden.

Gain visibility to your IT Compliance Posture

Accessed through HPE GreenLake Central, HPE Managed IT Compliance provides an enterprise-wide view of regulatory and governance compliance, while alerting you when key rule violations are detected in your hybrid-cloud environment.

Remain audit-ready at all times

The compliance monitoring service delivers comprehensive, ongoing evaluation of your compliance status, tiered by risk. Automated data collection, proactive issue identification, dashboard-level reporting, and escalation of identified compliance failures empowers proactive remediation and reduces audit risk.

Stay up to date with evolving regulations

HPE maintains the most up-to-date policies from regulatory entities, so the frameworks that power HPE Managed IT Compliance are always the latest available and are applied to the review of your hybrid cloud controls on an ongoing basis. If a new regulation affects your compliance status, you receive an alert.

Leverage HPE technical expertise

You’ll receive ongoing support from technical and compliance experts at HPE. We’ve completed hundreds of enterprise-wide hybrid cloud transformation projects and have established partnerships with public cloud providers. With this expertise, we can help customize frameworks and best practices to meet your needs in today’s—and tomorrow’s—hybrid cloud environment.

HPE Managed IT Compliance

HPE Managed IT Compliance can help ensure you meet your compliance, security, and control requirements for your workloads running on hybrid cloud environments:

  • Reduce the time, cost, complexity, and risk of audit preparation.
  • Gain enterprise-level visibility of your compliance via executive and operational dashboards.
  • Get continuous monitoring and alerting for out-of-compliance situations, with expert monitoring intervention and remediation.
  • Access our technical experts for assistance with remediation, gap analysis, and architecture planning.