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HPE Financial Services Global Citizenship

HPE Financial Services can help customers find new ways to plan for, acquire, consume and adapt the technology systems needed for business transformation.

HPE Financial Services can help customers find new ways to plan for, acquire, consume and adapt the technology systems needed for business transformation.

How can a company have a heart? Commitment to global citizenship is what keeps ours beating. What sets us apart is our ability to embrace the goodness each individual brings to collectively make our world a better place. Global citizenship has been a cornerstone of HPE Financial Services’ (HPEFS) values throughout our long history, inspired by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard’s promise to maintain it as a corporate objective in 1957.

Global citizenship is not only core to our business, but as a result of our strong global network, our partners around the world uphold the same high standards. We are committed to our customers managing their IT investments responsibly and with compassion for the environment and society.

  • Protecting our environment

    As individuals, we come to work every day to do good. For us, this means paying careful attention to global, regional and corporate standards for asset removal and recycling. Not just today, tomorrow, or on Earth Day—but every day. We are responsible for keeping our planet healthy today and for generations to come. Our global expertise and understanding of the requirements and options for safe recycling can help our customers and partners do the right thing.

    But this goes beyond just recycling—we take pride in our ability to maximize our customers’ IT investments by putting equipment with value back into the world as a working asset for other customers. Our Technology Renewal Centers (TRCs) in Andover, Massachusetts and Erskine, Scotland help extend the life of technology whenever possible.

    Our transition capabilities help customer innovate quickly and easily, and include solutions like HPE Asset Upcycling Services, HPE Certified Pre-Owned, HPE Rentals, and meticulous recycling.

    • HPE Asset Upcycling Services

    In FY22, HPE Technology Renewal Centers around the world:

    • Trade-in Services
      • Our Global Promotion Services (GPS) expertly handle trade-in requests from our small-to-medium sized customers, to maximize IT investment and value recovery, collect and return equipment, and maintain environmental standards

    • HPE IT Asset Management Services
      • Our TRCsCertain%20locations%20apply are recognized for Dekra (data security) certifications
      • Partners are selected and vetted according to a specific standardized qualification protocol based upon HPE’s environmental standards and business requirements
      • This includes the physical plant, business controls, shipping and receiving, quality control, contractor/supplier control, human resources control, and other criteria

    • HPE Certified Pre-Owned Services
      • We help extend the lifecycle of technology by refurbishing returned equipment for resale as pre-owned equipment
      • Inventory includes servers, storage, and networking equipment out of production 18 months to over 25 years
      • Experts with over 30 years’ experience maximize the lifecycle of equipment, by ensuring quality refurbishments and custom-configurations

    • Recycling
      • We partner only with certified recycling partners to carefully monitor each step of the process, including initial sort into like materials, shredding to reduce size and bulk, and a second sort to separate to the core commodity
      • This consistent process ensures we maximize what we are able to recycle and reduces the overall amount of materials that could potentially harm our environment
      • We remarket before we recycle, and can help you navigate through over 163 applicable data security and environmental laws