Data Center Modernization

With increased demand to update core applications, overcome big data challenges and migration to the cloud, HPE delivers the right compute—and expertise—to modernize your data center.

Data Centers with the Right Compute Deliver Business Growth

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Data Center Modernization Accelerating IT Service Delivery Video

In today’s idea economy, your organization can stay ahead of the competition by accelerating application and IT service delivery.  A modern data center infrastructure brings the right balance of compute, to help you thrive, not just survive.  

Gain faster application performance and more valuable insights from big data to fuel new revenue streams and increase customer loyalty. Improve overall IT management efficiency by upgrading your infrastructure. And give your employees and customers rich, anytime, anywhere digital experiences, to help them be more productive.

Whether you need a refresh to your infrastructure or a complete data center transformation, HPE has the proven compute and experience to make your journey successful.  

With Data Center Modernization, You Can

Data Center Modernization Solution Benefits

Recharge your applications with a modern infrastructure

Data Center Modernization Solution Benefits

Gain real business insights to generate new revenue streams

Data Center Modernization Solution Benefits

Improve agility and cost-savings by moving to a hybrid cloud infrastructure

Achieve Your Business Goals Through a Modern Data Center

Start your modernization journey with these best practice guides that provide insights from years of successfully delivering a wide variety of data center modernization solutions. The guides are organized into three categories to help you easily target your data center transformation needs.

Do you identify with any of these challenges? 

  • Delivering more with your current budget?
  • Making big data work for your business?
  • Driving applications faster? 
  • Reducing Oracle licensing/support costs?
  • Knowing when to use a cloud strategy?
  • Connecting global teams 24/7?
  • Ensuring continuous availability of vital apps?
  • Accelerating your financial trading apps?
  • Ensuring continuous availability of vital apps?
  • Accelerating your financial trading apps?


Businesses expect to face increased competition from start-ups empowered by data1


Enterprises that will have at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms by 2018.2

Gain More Compute, Storage and Networking from Your IT Budget

HPE data center modernization strategies incorporate the rapid virtualization of all processing and computing power. And automate process intensive IT tasks, with software-defined infrastructure, and cloud delivery technologies.

Our service experts provide a customized plan and approach for long-term success. This is what we call the Right Compute for your business, where the data center becomes your gateway to having the ultimate, future-ready IT infrastructure.

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Data Center Modernization Strategies Video

Application Performance Best Practices

Maximize speed while lowering cost

Oracle Application Performance Best Practices

Reduce Oracle Licensing Costs

Explore best practices for reducing cost by as much as 35% on your Oracle database architecture by moving from scale-out to x86 scale-up infrastructure.

Digital Collaboration Best Practices

Skype for Business

Learn critical success factors for deploying a unified communications solution with Skype for Business.

SAP HANA Best Practices

Preparing for SAP HANA Enhancements

Prepare for the next-gen performance advantages of in-memory database processing with SAP HANA. Get practical tips for migrating to HANA and S/4 HANA.

Business Continuity Best Practices

Evaluating Business Continuity Plans

Learn tips for evaluating your current business continuity plan and explore three approaches to meet disaster recovery and data loss prevention objectives.


Big Data Best Practices

 Determine the right compute to deliver business insights

Big Data Insights Best Practices

Developing Business Insights

Get tips for harnessing your Big Data to unlock valuable business insights with infrastructure designed for the most demanding workloads.

Financial Trading Best Practices

Financial Trading Solutions

Learn about high frequency trading infrastructure with tips for trade and match and data archiving with optimized workstations.

Massive Scalability Best Practices

Storing Data at Petabyte Scale

Learn best practices for building a content depot for object storage that’s flexible and optimized for capacity to help turn your big data into even bigger opportunities.


Hybrid Cloud Best Practices

Deliver flexibility without compromising security

Cloud Migration Best Practices

Moving Applications to the Cloud

Explore considerations for determining the best approach for moving your applications to on- or off-premises cloud. Learn preparation steps and tips to make it go smoothly.

Get Started with Infrastructure Consulting

Get Started with Infrastructure Consulting
We’re ready to help evaluate your environment and explore integration with your existing infrastructure. HPE experts can help you assess the right mix of cloud and consumption models for your unique needs. Your data center modernization needs are unique to your organization, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We work closely with you to map out your journey and ensure a smooth transition to a modern data center.

Not ready for an infrastructure refresh, and need better performance and capacity for a specific project?  From workload accelerators to persistent memory; from add-on drives to rack and power management, HPE offers a wide range of options to fit your needs and budget.


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Preparing your Datacenter for the Future

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