HPE StoreOpen and LTFS: Best practices technical white paper

(PDF 5680 KB)

Explore the HPE StoreOpen with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) format's software configuration and best practices for convenient archiving in this technical white paper.


ビデオ : HPE StoreEver Tape with HPE LTO Ultrium storage supplies

ビデオ | 1:47

There is a storage medium that can keep data safe for a very long time, that can scale without limits and keep up with accelerating data growth driven by billions of devices and the Internet of Things.

ビデオ : Around the Storage Block Chalk Talk: HPE tape with LTO-8

ビデオ | 5:51

With the availability of the new LTO-8 Ultrium tape format, the HPE StoreEver Tape Storage family has been refreshed. In this ChalkTalk, HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito gives an overview of the HPE StoreEver Tape family.


お客様向けプレゼンテーション | application/pdf | 234 KB

Customer presentation for HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING


ソリューション概要 | application/pdf | 244 KB

Read how the data availability solution along with 3-2-1 backup rule by HPE and Veeam alliance protects enterprise data from ransomware threats in this solution brief.

ビジネスホワイトペーパー : How tape can support a GDPR compliant data processing system

ビジネスホワイトペーパー | PDF | 288 KB

Discover how HPE StoreEver tape storage solutions can support your organisation to meet the challenges of GDPR compliance.


テクニカルホワイトペーパー | application/pdf | 271 KB

The barcode labels on tape cartridges provide both human-readable and machine-readable identifiers. This white paper discusses the many factors required to use barcode labels successfully in a tape backup environment.


テクニカルホワイトペーパー | application/pdf | 1681 KB

Discover how HPE StoreEver LTO Ultrium Tape Drive encryption is helping businesses protect their data from breaches while reducing the risk of audit failures and financial losses.


ソリューション概要 | application/pdf | 571 KB

The HPE Backup & Recovery Impact Analysis Service provides you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to stabilize, enhance, and systematically improve your data protection solution.

ビデオ : LTO-7 Type M media: An overview

ビデオ | 1:28

Let us tell you more about LTO-7 Type M Media and the benefits of a tape storage system.

ツール : LTO tape storage TCO calculator tool


The LTO cloud compare TCO calculator is designed to fully compare the long term retention solutions available to consumers. This calculator assumes that all bandwidth charges for offsite storage in Cloud or on Tape will be the same, and that calculation is outside the scope of the storage calculation.


アナリストレポート | application/pdf | 238 KB

The following summary updates the results of a previous ESG Economic Validation study that revealed the economic benefits of using Linear Tape-Open LTO Ultrium technology for long-term data retention.