Librerie nastri

Does your data storage capacity outstrip your backup, disaster-recovery, and archive capability? The HPE T950 Tape Library combines field-proven reliability with storage innovation and gives you access to a full suite of enterprise storage capabilities. It delivers powerful library management, superior and proactive data integrity administration, and the outstanding total cost of ownership (TCO) of any tape solution. Once data expands beyond the limits of your initial HPE T950 Tape Library configurations, you simply add expansion frames to keep growing. Storage can expand up to 120 drives and 10,020 LTO slots (7,614 enterprise slots) in eight frames. With versatile built-in BlueScale software interface you have intelligent command, control, and data integrity functionality at the touch of a screen. HPE T950 Tape Library, with its compact footprint, is installed in many organizations world-wide to meet their backup, archive, and deep storage requirements.


  • Supporto dell’unità LTO-8, con 30 TB di capacità dati compressi (12 TB nativa) e velocità di trasferimento di 360 MB/s (1,3 TB/ora) utilizzando i supporti LTO-8 esistenti.
  • 24x7 phone support option for Next Business Day (NBD) customers


Prestazioni elevate

HPE T950 Tape Library, from robotics, to drives, to software, to media offers performance innovations in automated tape technologies.

Il transponder è stato progettato con due obiettivi principali: prestazioni e affidabilità. Questi obiettivi sono perseguiti attraverso tempi ridotti per i cicli o per il montaggio nastro (migliori prestazioni) e un maggiore tempo medio di tra gli errori (maggiore affidabilità).

With LTO-8 or TS1155 technology, at maximum drive configuration, transfer data up to 155.5 TB/hr (302.4 TB/hr compressed).

Alta capacità

When data center real-estate counts, the HPE T950 Tape Library offers you unsurpassed storage density and a small footprint through a unique and highly efficient library design built to fit into a standard rack-row layout. Also, it provides more storage capacity in less floor space.

Using innovative shelves instead of slots and TeraPack containers in place of individual cartridges, the HPE T950 Tape Library uses less floor space.

Only buy what you need today and add storage capacity as you need it. Upgrade capacity in intervals of 10 LTO or 9 enterprise tape slots at a time. Tape consolidation through capacity, performance, partitioning and reporting results in a lower TCO.

With LTO-8 technology, you can store over 120.2 PB (300.6 PB compressed) of data at the maximum slot configuration and capacity can range from 50 to 10,020 slots and 1 to 120 drives.

With TS1155 technology, you can store over 114.2 PB (285.5 PB compressed) of data at the maximum slot configuration and capacity can range from 45 to 7614 slots and 1 to 120 drives.

Flessibilità integrata

Le librerie su nastro HPE T950 possono utilizzare le tecnologie a nastro LTO-8 / LTO-7 / LTO-6 o TS1155/TS1150. In collaborazione con un'ampia gamma di partner per hardware e software, le organizzazioni potranno sviluppare flussi di lavoro personalizzati per ogni situazione.

Thin provisioning improves the available storage in the partitions of a tape library. Administrators can change the size of a partition in the library without reconfiguring the entire library. It provides virtual storage capacity for simplified administration, reducing downtime and costs.

I TeraPack vuoti consentono di importare supporti a nastro, già scritti con i dati, in una nuova libreria per un uso continuativo o una migrazione. I TeraPack possono fornire inoltre ulteriore capacità di storage esterno alla libreria.

Elevata affidabilità:

HPE T950 Tape Library offers an advanced suite of standard features that allow you to actively check data already written to tape. Data Integrity Verification examines media health before and after data writes, when enabled. Integrated BlueScale Encryption provides automatic data protection.

PreScan controlla ogni nastro importato e verifica che il nastro sia scrivibile in modo sicuro. QuickScan scansiona un nastro in modo unidirezionale, fornendo un rapido indicatore di integrità dei dati scritti. FullScan verifica l'assenza di errori nei supporti su nastro mediante lettura per tutta la lunghezza del nastro.

It provides a high level of encryption security, with compression, for strong backup data privacy to deliver confidential information and address compliance quickly. Supports WORM media (using LTO-8, LTO-7, or LTO-6) providing a fail-safe method for permanently storing data records.