How Hybrid Infrastructure with Intelligent Storage Can Transform Business in Africa

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This IDC White Paper looks specifically at the need for intelligent storage infrastructure in African markets, with particular regard to hybrid/multicloud environments in which workloads and storage are in flux across on-premises, private cloud and public cloud platforms.

Among CIOs surveyed by IDC in Africa, 56% indicate that they plan to make investments in on-premises infrastructure as part of their digital transformations, with 41% planning to invest specifically in storage infrastructure. But cloud growth cannot be ignored; 91% of CIOs in Sub-Saharan Africa indicate that they use cloud storage in some form.

Within this landscape, new thinking in storage architectures will be essential to take enterprise infrastructure to the next level, reducing cost and technical debt, increasing performance and agility, embracing hybrid cloud deployments and positioning the organisation for the increasing data-centric competitive landscape of the near future.

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