C-series Switches

Are you looking for a high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity for All-Flash arrays? HPE StoreFabric SN6620C Fibre Channel Switch delivers 32 Gbps FC switching providing high-speed FC connectivity from the server rack to the SAN core. It empowers small, midsize, and large enterprises that are rapidly deploying cloud-scale applications providing the benefits of greater bandwidth, scale, and consolidation. The switch allows seamless transition to Fibre Channel Non-Volatile Memory Express (FC-NVMe) workloads whenever available without any hardware upgrade in the SAN. For flexibility, the HPE StoreFabric SN6620C Fibre Channel Switch scales from 24-48 ports. Additionally, investing in this switch for the lower speed (8 or 16 Gbps) server rack gives you the flexibility to upgrade to 32 Gbps performance in the future.


High-speed Fibre Channel Connectivity for All-Flash Arrays

HPE StoreFabric SN6620C Fibre Channel Switch provides consistent 32 Gbps low-latency performance across every FC port on the switch.

Delivers increased performance with an aggregate bandwidth of 1536 Gbps for growing and dynamic workloads.

Supports the performance and scale required to deploy a dedicated and standalone FC SAN connecting both initiators and targets without requiring any other switching infrastructure.

Powered by the same high-performance 32 Gbps ASIC that powers the HPE StoreFabric SN8500C 32 Gbps Fibre Channel Director portfolio.

FC-NVMe-ready SAN switch with enhanced buffer-to-buffer (B2B) credits connecting both storage and host ports and FC link encryption.

More Flexibility

HPE StoreFabric SN6620C Fibre Channel switch provides an option to deploy as few as 24 32 Gbps FC ports in the entry-level variant, which can grow in increments of 8 ports to 48 ports.

Allow users to deploy them with 32 Gb, 16 Gb, or 8 Gb optics to accommodate their budget while being fully prepared for tomorrow.

Increased fabric scalability provides more flexibility for a variety of SAN architectures.

Easy Manageability

HPE StoreFabric SN6620C Fibre Channel Switch supports enhanced diagnostic features such as inter-switch link (ISL) and host-bus-adapter (HBA) diagnostics, read diagnostic parameter, link cable beacon, and advanced reliability features such as forward error correction (FEC) with HBA ports.

Cisco® Data Center Network Manager (Essentials Edition) software, included with the switch, provides a centralized management tool with task-based wizards that simplifies management of switches and fabrics. Additional advanced features are available with the DCNM licensed version, sold separately.

Consolidate separate physical SAN fabrics into one large fabric for ease of management and reduced total cost of ownership.

Intelligent Network Services for SAN

HPE StoreFabric SN6620C Fibre Channel Switch supports slow-drain detection and isolation, VSAN technology, access control lists for hardware-based intelligent frame processing, smart zoning, and other various services.

Provides visibility into all virtual machines that are accessing the storage LUNs in the fabric and provide an end-to-end view for analytics.

Delivers powerful Representational State Transfer (REST) and NX-API capabilities to enable flexible and rapid programming of utilities for the SAN.

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