Are you a communications service provider (CSPs) that wants to deploy a carrier grade data center using OpenStack®?

HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade Software for NFV is a carrier grade OpenStack distribution plus compute and network virtualization offering for network functions virtualization (NFV) that enables CSPs to deploy NFV applications on open source software platforms. A carrier grade platform requires the successful integration of many core technologies that are outside the realm of the base OpenStack project. Some key examples include the host operating system (for example, Linux®), server virtualization (KVM), network virtualization (vSwitch), and SDN controllers. It is built on the same foundation as the HPE Helion OpenStack Enterprise Edition, and adds significant enhancements in three key areas, carrier grade features and manageability, availability, and performance.


Open, High Availability, and Superior Data Plane Performance

The HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade provides communications service providers (CSPs) with an open source based, cloud platform that meets their demanding reliability requirements and delivers advanced self-healing to reduce outages with no single point of failure, highly available and reliable.

Software lifecycle management that simplifies installation and management in HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade. the redundancy and fast recovery of failure in the control plane in a highly efficient manner.

Achieve line rate performance through DPDK accelerated virtual switch, SR-IOV and PCI pass-through technologies.

Platform for High-Performance Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)

The HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade provides near-line rate networking throughput for VNFs like vEPC, vBRAS, vIMS, vFW, and vRouter.

Bare metal networking performance enables the benefits of virtualization without sacrificing performance penalty associated with virtualization.

Manageability for Enhanced Security, Software Management, Resources Scheduling and Orchestration

The HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade delivers in-service upgrade capabilities to reduce scheduled downtime.

Enhanced security through various enhancements in Identity and Access Management at the OpenStack Keystone level, OS and networking hardening, encryption, auditing, logging and patches.

Inventory management is done by providing a detailed dashboard of system-level inventory of the compute, storage, network resources in the cloud and dynamically updated active alarm lists through OpenStack Horizon. Also provides 3rd party tools integration for inventory management.

Advanced resource scheduling and orchestration capabilities adding additional flexibility.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

The HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade supports NIC bonding at server level to help utilize the available network bandwidth and fault-tolerance.

High availability (HA) for KVM instances like, compute node failure detection and auto-evacuation in the KVM region and in the live migration in the KVM region facilitating high availability of VNFs.

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