Hyper Converged

Question that goes to the primary pain point?

No matter what size company you are, simplify your user experience and IT operations with the HPE Hyper Converged 250. Pre-configured and integrated virtualized blocks of infrastructure can be ready in 15 minutes, scale out linearly and easily integrate with a centralized data center.

The HPE HC 250 is a compact 2U/4-node virtualized platform of powerful compute and resilient storage managed as one from a single interface and optimized to handle a variety of workloads – from on-demand IT infrastructure to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). High availability, data protection, and back-up and recovery capabilities are built into our hyper converged solutions from the ground up.

If you require simple, consistent, virtualized infrastructure, the HPE Hyper Converged 250 is designed to be quick to deploy, easy to use and simple to grow.


Management Simplified

The HPE Hyper Converged 250 is designed from the ground up to simplify deployment of virtual infrastructure to support business-critical applications and virtual desktops.

Features wizard-driven startup with OneView InstantOn tool that enables complete deployment of virtualized compute and storage infrastructure in under 15 minutes.

Centralized management of compute, storage, and virtual machines from inside OneView for VMware vCenter assures that an IT generalist can manage the entire virtual infrastructure from a single interface without any specialized storage, server or virtualization expertise.

Pre-configured and only requires the entry of IP addresses, credentials, and hypervisor license information to get up and running.

Expand with ease - Using the OneView InstantOn tool, customers can add the next appliance to the cluster as easily as the first. Seamlessly add the power of four servers and scale storage capacity across the cluster without downtime.

Virtualization Optimized

The HPE Hyper Converged 250 is a platform integration with VMware increases functionality and ease of use while application integration simplifies storage management for applications.

VMware certified stretch cluster capabilities support business continuity by keeping applications online during appliance, rack-level, or site-wide outages.

Provides transparent VM failover across nodes, systems, and sites - bringing you worry-free protection in the event of a failure. Backup and recovery is equally easy with storage-based snapshots and HPE Remote Copy integration with virtualization platforms.

With built-in HPE Peer Motion, data volumes can non-disruptively replicate and migrate data volumes from one Hyper Converged System family model to another, or to any x86-based server running any major hypervisor and HPE StoreVirtual VSA Software.

Pre-configured dashboards help visualize system health and performance while optional VMware vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) delivers VM-level insight.


Features up to four individually serviceable servers in a 2U chassis with ability to configure a hybrid, auto-tiering model with SAS and SSD capacity to serve performance and latency-sensitive workloads, or an all-SAS model to meet larger capacity requirements at a lower cost per capacity.

With all you need in one box, the HPE HC 250 serves both applications and data services with 4 times the compute in 75% less space compared to traditional 2U servers.

Provides scale-out flexibility to handle changing workloads while enabling simultaneous scale of server and storage resources.

Extend system capabilities with hybrid cloud options using HPE CloudSystem software to run on-premises and manage off-premises services for disaster recovery and backup.

With over 2 million HPE StoreVirtual licenses issued, millions of virtual machines running on HPE ProLiant Servers, and over 50,000 HPE OneView for VMware vCenter downloads, customers can be confident that the HPE Hyper Converged 250 platform builds on proven virtualization expertise.