Modernize with confidence

Transformation is a thoughtful process that involves technology migration and a new mindset in culture, operations, and economics. While the costs and risks of an on-premises cloud migration are typically lower than those of a public cloud migration, most organizations are looking for a hybrid model that utilizes on-premises cloud, multiple public clouds, and edge computing to deliver the right mix of decision-making effectiveness, agility, security, and cost.

With HPE guiding you through the process, you can achieve your right mix to unlock value in your data wherever it resides, while reducing technological and financial risks. Reach your digital transformation goals faster with the resources and skills needed to execute your strategy effectively.

Get the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud experience

Even though most organizations use an average of five cloud solutions, a majority of core business applications run on expensive, legacy platforms.  But with one accountable migration partner with thousands of successful enterprise-wide hybrid and multi-cloud adoption engagements—including HPE GreenLake on-premises cloud with easier, fewer, and less risky steps—you can easily reap the full value of transformation that will move your business forward.

We can help you determine the right mix of cloud environments to reach your business goals, execute a migration plan using best-in-class tools and data-driven objectivity, and help you upcycle technology to overcome technology limitations and eliminate financial constraints.

Drive faster business results

Keep pace with accelerating business demands by gaining agility for your mission-critical workloads through the right mix of platforms, including HPE GreenLake cloud services. With a proven migration methodology and the scale and global reach you need to optimize performance and speed business outcomes, we help you chart the right path for your organization’s goals.

Optimize service delivery

Shift to more efficient IT operations and supplement your in-house staff skill set with HPE migration services. Using HPE IP tools and technology, our experts help you target an automation approach to transport workloads between hybrid operations that is optimized with on-demand scale-out.

Accelerate development

Bring cloud-like speed and economics to on-premises infrastructure by adopting a fit-for-purpose operating model. We can help you build an optimal architecture for agile workload placement and cost efficiency, increasing productivity and speeding uptime to value.

Gain insight and control

Ensure that your transformation strategy and business outcomes match. Increase confidence with E2E visibility into asset management. Understand where you are in your transformation journey, ensure you are using the right mix of technology, benchmark against best practices, and prioritize the right next steps with the HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework.

Experience HPE GreenLake cloud services

Take HPE GreenLake for a no-cost, no-obligation test drive. This guided, hands-on experience allows you to explore cloud services in a live production environment.


Application migration

Gain greater agility in the full lifecycle of your business-critical applications and ensure a successful transformation with HPE Right Mix Advisor. Using our industry-leading, data-driven objective analysis and tools, you can build a fully automated target environment and migrate your applications across platforms with confidence.

Data migration

Get a complete end-to-end data modernization solution through HPE GreenLake cloud services. With a proven methodology, our experts assess your application architecture and help you consolidate, migrate, and optimize your data for on-demand workloads at scale.

Mainframe migration

Accelerate workload migration away from costly mainframes with a partner whose decades of experience help to reduce the project’s risk and ensure a predictable result. When you combine our data-driven mainframe alternative (MFA) methodology with HPE IP automation tools and technologies, you can significantly reduce TCO while maintaining high availability and improved agility. 

HPE Accelerated Migration

Plan and fund your migration to HPE GreenLake with asset management strategies from HPE Financial Services. Create greater investment capacity and extend the life of legacy systems by deploying tech management solutions such as asset upcycling and accelerated migration and utilizing certified pre-owned products. These tactics can help you overcome barriers to peak performance in your multi-gen infrastructure and make measurable progress toward your sustainability goals.