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Protect Your Digital Enterprise

Innovation thrives when security is built into the fabric of your organisation. True security requires 24/7 detection and monitoring along with the latest continuity and compliance capabilities. Watch the video to get started.

The Changing Face of Risk

Software is eating the world, powering business operations and accelerating value creation. Enterprises operate in extended ecosystems and compete in borderless markets. Risks, threats and vulnerabilities are growing in both variety and volume.

How do we know? Because HPE security solutions protect 8 of the world's 10 largest companies.9 of the world’s 10 biggest financial service brands rely on HPE to safeguard their data.2

How do you protect your organisation and unleash the creativity of your employees? You need the right security and risk management regime. You need robust compliance and continuity plans. And you need expert partners to help you put it all into place.

Solutions to Protect your Digital Enterprise

Protect your business-critical digital assets regardless of location or device.


The HPE Security Services team and security partner ecosystem can help support your business goals with a 360 degree cyber risk assessment. Our IT protection services cover infrastructure, software, networks, storage and data.


Solutions such as HPE ArcSight SIEM give you powerful detection and response capabilities. Use our tools, methodologies and analytics to conduct predictive security, analyse logs and prioritise security events.


HPE backup and recovery solutions protect your information intelligently across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. You get visibility, access and control of information via any endpoint device.

Workshop: Become a Risk Ninja

Workshop: Become a Risk Ninja
Master intelligent, adaptive security by attending a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Transformation Workshop. Led by HPE security experts, this is an all-day, in-depth workshop designed for enterprise IT decision makers.


White Paper : Protect your digital enterprise

White Paper

Protect your digital enterprise

White Paper : 2015 Global report on the cost of cyber crime

White Paper

Review the global landscape of enterprise security and intelligence adoption, with findings that help win the battles in the cyber-crime war.

White Paper : 2016 State of security operations

White Paper

Learn about security operations worldwide, by major industry category.

Article : Let's talk breaches: three tips for your best defence


HPE Matter: Learn how knowing your attackers is the best defence against cyber threats.

Analyst Report : Security and compliance for hybrid cloud deployments

Analyst Report

Security and compliance for hybrid cloud deployments

Article : HPE Verity Information Archiving: The next generation in cloud archiving.


HPE Verity Information Archiving: The next generation in cloud archiving.

White Paper : HPE and FireEye: Cybersecurity

White Paper

HPE and FireEye: Cybersecurity

Article : Protecting what really matters: a lesson in hard cybersecurity choices


HPE Matter: Explore the trade-offs involved in ensuring that breaches have the lowest possible business impact

Article : What It Takes to Defeat Cyberattackers


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