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High performance computing that can unleash the most far-reaching and visionary research projects.

Fuel Your Research with the Biggest Supercomputers

Academia can now execute research projects that were inconceivable a few years ago. Like mapping the human genome, modeling the universe, creating massively complex deep neural networks, or creating artificial intelligence. The awesome power of High Performance Computing (HPC) makes it all possible. HPE makes it possible now. We have the most HPC experience and solutions, plus unmatched full support. All to help you design, deploy, implement and run with assurance the right HPC systems for you.

The Right Choice for HPC

HPE has a better grasp of HPC than any other vendor. We engineer solutions purpose-built for specific HPC needs and we have unmatched experience implementing complex supercomputer research solutions: we’ve installed more HPC systems than any other competitor. And our purpose built HPC platforms and solutions are designed to deploy more easily, with common management and configuration tools that allow you to adapt quickly to new workloads and organisational missions. We are singularly qualified to power your HPC research.

Our Breakthrough Ideas Empower Yours

HPE, a driver of compute innovation for decades, has the industry-leading solutions for HPC. HPE Apollo Systems deliver purpose-built HPC platforms with innovative power and cooling, management and fabrics, and the performance to solve highly challenging problems. HPE Moonshot is a line of high-density, low-energy, software-defined servers for specialised HPC workloads. HPE Labs continues our HPC research tradition. Its biggest HPC project, The Machine, will use light instead of electricity to access hundreds of petabytes of memory and storage. It’s all part of our commitment to solving the world’s biggest problems.

HPE Leads the Industry for High Performance Computing

Breakthroughs at the Hewlett Packard Labs

Breakthroughs at the Hewlett Packard Labs
Hewlett Packard Labs is creating emerging security tech, bold solutions to the data centre energy crisis and projects almost beyond imagination such as computers that work like the brain.

Customer Success

Ghent University Uses HPE Supercomputer for Academic Research

Publishing world-class academic research

Ghent University in Belgium deployed a supercomputer infrastructure and has increased multi-disciplinary publication recognition for its advanced research in diverse fields such as bioinformatics, engineering, physics, chemistry and linguistics.

PSC Delivers Complex Hybrid Supercomputing

PSC Delivers Complex Hybrid Supercomputing

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) installed new supercomputing systems to empower research communities that previously had not used HPC. The uniquely flexible and interoperable systems leverage interactivity, parallel computing, Spark and Hadoop.

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