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Would you like to simplify the management and backup of your Oracle database?

HPE 3PAR Application Suite for Oracle is a highly efficient solution for automatically creating and managing hundreds of application-consistent, reservationless, point-in-time snapshots of Oracle and Oracle RAC databases for rapid online recovery. These snapshot images are then presentable to other Oracle database instances, managed from an easy-to-use graphical user interface on the host. With HPE 3PAR Application Suite for Oracle, administrators can quickly and simply recover a database to a known point in time, speeding up a variety of operations including the rapid recovery of the Oracle production server. Integration with Oracle Active Data Guard enables snapshots to be taken on standby databases, thus minimizing impact to the production database. Fast, reliable backup and recovery to tape is made possible through integration with Symantec NetBackup.

What's new

  • Support for HPE 3PAR OS 3.2.2
  • Support for HPE Data Protector 8.0
  • Support for RHEL 6 Update 4


Remove the Choice Between Performing Fewer Backups and Spending More for Storage

The HPE 3PAR Application Suite for Oracle leverages the HPE 3PAR Replication Suite, where administrators can create highly efficient snapshots that enable Oracle logs to be replayed for up-to-the minute database recovery.

Snapshot instances are managed efficiently, from an easy-to-use graphical user interface on the host.

Administrators can make a variety of scenarios simpler and more efficient, including creating snapshots for testing and development purposes.

Works with optional HPE 3PAR Security Software Suite or HPE 3PAR Virtual Lock Software to safeguard disk-based backups, to protect against accidental or malicious deletion of disk-backups.

Integration with Symantec NetBackup intelligently presents Oracle snapshots to the NetBackup server as a class or policy so that backup jobs do not require reconfiguration, thus eliminating the need for custom scripting or costly consulting services otherwise necessary to achieve the same result.

Enables Highly Granular and Flexible Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives

HPE 3PAR Applications Suite for Oracle removes the need of a backup window and associated “race-to-daylight” by powering hundreds of non-disruptive, application-consistent snapshot images of production Oracle and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases.

Autonomically discovers and intelligently maps all database elements (including table spaces, data files, control files, parameter files, and archive log files) to associated snapshots.

Scalable, non-duplicative snapshots allow administrators a greater number of snapshots for a frequent extended history of recovery points, giving flexibility when committing to a given Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Delivers the flexibility to restore from snapshot (via fast D2D restore) or by directly and instantaneously mounting the snapshot on the host, which allows administrators to offer increasingly aggressive Recovery Time Objective (RTO) SLAs to customers.

Integrated with Oracle Data Guard to provide application-level disaster recovery on the host in Oracle Data Guard and Active Data Guard environments, which enables organizations to take snapshots of standby databases instead of production databases.

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