Aruba Software

Aruba ClearPass OnGuard Software agents perform advanced endpoint posture assessments on leading computer operating systems to ensure compliance is met before devices connect.

Running on the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager platform, the advanced network access control (NAC) framework in ClearPass OnGuard offers exceptional safeguards against vulnerabilities. In addition to anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall audits performed by traditional NAC products, OnGuard agents can perform additional posture and health checks to ensure a greater level of endpoint compliance


IT-managed and BYOD Endpoint Compliance

Aruba ClearPass OnGuard Software persistent and dissolvable agents can be used together in environments where endpoints are owned by the organization, employees and visitors.

This ensures that all devices are assessed and granted proper privileges before accessing the network.

Automatic Remediation

Aruba ClearPass OnGuard Software sends users instructions on how to achieve compliance when auto-remediation is not used if unhealthy endpoints do not meet compliance requirements.

ClearPass persistent agents provide the same message and remediation capabilities for 802.1X and combined environments.

Complete Endpoint Compliance

Aruba ClearPass OnGuard Software offers the ability to centrally managed health-check settings and policies to simplify troubleshooting, endpoint control and compliance reporting.

Views of ClearPass OnGuard activity, including user and device data show information about each device that connects using OnGuard agents.