Our story

HPE focuses its impact in three main areas: Healthcare and Life Sciences, Community Resilience, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Human Rights. These areas span HPE’s value chain, as well as the applications of HPE technologies to advance solutions to pressing societal challenges.   HPE strives to enable innovators to develop crucial solutions, equip individuals and communities to benefit from the digital economy, and contribute to a more just and fair society.

Advancing healthcare

HPE helps scientists and researchers worldwide gain access to advanced high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to support their research efforts.

From modelling the spike protein of the coronavirus and accelerating vaccine discovery, increasing the pace and accuracy of cancer diagnosis, to quickening the fight against ailments such as Alzheimer’s, HPE is driving the transformation and advancement of healthcare.

In our communities, HPE’s longstanding eHealth Center program expands healthcare access to underserved communities. The network has provided services to more than 1 million people and we’ve committed to helping an additional 4 million underserved people access healthcare by 2025 through our cloud-enabled eHealth Centers, COVID Labs, and Vaccination Centers across India.

Community resiliency

HPE supports individuals and communities across the globe to effectively prepare for and recover from disruptions such as the impacts of climate change or COVID-19.

Aligning our climate and social impact strategies to support the most vulnerable communities, we apply our technologies as the leading provider of high-performance computing solutions for weather and climate research globally, advocate for and invest in clean and affordable energy, and work alongside local communities to build resilience.

DEI & human rights

Respecting human rights is a core value at HPE, and we believe that diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences fuel innovation and drive transformational change across industries. Our programs span our entire value chain to create a more inclusive society and mitigate salient risks, with aspirational targets related to workforce representation, supplier spend, and human rights.  Beyond our walls, we encourage more women and underrepresented groups to thrive in a digital economy—from inspiring a rising generation to pursue careers in STEM to supporting technology-based non-profits with a social mission.

Although artificial intelligence holds enormous potential to advance the way people live and work, we must ensure that we apply these powerful tools ethically and sustainably. Our AI Ethical Principles guide our use and development of responsible AI to seek beneficial outcomes for people and business.

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