Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory explores fundamental scientific challenges in energy and security ― and delivers transformative solutions to them. Their work may start in the theoretical but it ends in the marketplace in the products and services that make our world safer, cleaner, and healthier.

There is Fast, and there is Frontier Fast

  • #1
    Built by HPE, ORNL’s Frontier supercomputer is #1 on the TOP500 at 1.206 exaflops of performance
  • #7
    Built by HPE, ORNL’s TDS and full system are ranked #7 and #13 respectively on the Green500, with 62.68 gigaflops/watt power efficiency for the TDS system, 52.93 for the full system
  • #2
    Built by HPE, ORNL’s Frontier supercomputer is #2 on HPL-MxP list at 10.2 exaflops

Sources: May 2024 Top500Green500, and HPL-MxP mixed-precision benchmarks.

Frontier: moving the future forward

Oak Ridge National Laboratory announces the Frontier supercomputer, and with it, a new era of insights, answers, and innovation. The 2 exaflops-capable system will make possible transformative science — advancing knowledge in everything from medicine to biology to material science to deep space to climate change. Frontier is both the culmination of a long-term dream—and the start of countless new ones.

America’s exascale future

Exascale is the next level of computing performance solving calculations five times faster than today’s top supercomputers.


High performance computing

HPE and our global partners have created an HPC ecosystem to help solve the world’s most complex problems delivering HPC innovative and production-level solutions with leading-edge technologies and services.

Exascale computing

HPE redefines the supercomputing industry with the most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio across compute, storage, and services in the fast-growing HPC and AI market segments.

The next era of supercomputing

HPE Cray exascale supercomputers are an entirely new design, created from the ground up to handle today’s new massive converged modeling, simulation, AI and analytics workloads.