HPE StoreVirtual Storage

Virtual storage solutions that simplify client and server virtualisation with a flexible and highly available scale-out platform.

HPE StoreVirtual Virtual Storage Solutions HPE StoreVirtual Virtual Storage Solutions

The Most Flexible Storage for Virtualisation

Versatile and reliable, the HPE StoreVirtual family provides affordable storage for a virtualised infrastructure. Advanced, shared storage technology provides the foundation for a composable data fabric, opening up new possibilities for simplified management and scalability across your infrastructure. Our systems are extremely flexible, support continuous data growth and include high-availability features that keep you up and running.

Flexible Deployment Options for Every Need

Flexible Deployment Options for Every Need

HPE StoreVirtual is a leader in software-defined storage and  is the foundation of a composable data fabric. The family is hardware-agnostic and hypervisor-independent, with support for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Linux KVM.

HPE provides deployment options to fit any requirement, including VSA software, physical storage arrays and hyper-converged systems. All-inclusive licensing lets you start small and support growth at all stages.

What's New



HPE StoreVirtual 3200

HPE adds multi-controller scalability and a new file gateway to its next-generation, affordable, entry-level StoreVirtual 3200 Storage.  With simple management, migration tools and migration services, StoreVirtual 3200 makes the transition to next-gen, software-defined architecture easy.

Leveraging next-gen hardware and a proven 5-nines StoreVirtual OS, HPE StoreVirtual 3200 is not only cost effective for today, it enables you to grow in any direction, add hybrid flash when you are ready, and is part of a data fabric vision which extends to hyper converged infrastructure.

HPE StoreVirtual VSA Software

Advanced Data Services for Business Agility

HPE StoreVirtual  is a software-defined storage platform that scales in any direction and  provides data mobility across tiers,  locations and between physical and virtual storage. It enables linear scaling of capacity and performance.

Common management and federated data services give you simplicity and flexibility in your virtual data centres. With the Centralised Management Console, you can manage hundreds of nodes in your environment with the same simplicity.

Snapshot and Remote Copy integration for virtualisation platforms and Windows applications make backup and recovery a snap. Plus, with proven 99.999 percent(1) availability and unique stretch cluster capabilities, you can sustain multiple concurrent failures and still keep data online and accessible to applications.

HPE StoreVirtual VSA Software

Optimised for virtualised VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Linux KVM environments, HPE StoreVirtual VSA transforms your server’s internal or direct-attached storage into a scalable, shared storage array, without dedicated storage.

Try HPE StoreVirtual VSA free and transform server capacity into storage with the first software-defined virtual storage appliance to support all major industry-standard servers and multiple hypervisors.

HPE StoreVirtual Flexible Deployment Solutions

How Our Customers Achieve More with SDS

Sophia Conseil and HPE StoreVirtual Case Study
Sophia Conseil and HPE StoreVirtual Case Study

Sophia Conseil Opts for HPE Server Virtualisation to Meet Storage Needs

To cope with new storage requirements, Sophia Conseil – an engineering services company based in France – used HPE StoreVirtual VSA to transform dedicated server hard drives into a virtualised array. By modernising their storage capabilities with a scalable and upgradable solution, they now have quicker access to data and are able to handle load increases – without change in habits for administrators.

HPE StoreVirtual Technical  Overview

HPE StoreVirtual 3200 Storage

  • Scale-up to 100 SFF or 48 LFF drives (maximum including three 2U drive enclosures)
  • Up to 288 TB maximum raw storage capacity
  • Host interfaces: 8/16Gb Fibre Channel (4 ports, speed determined by SFP+ module), 1GbE iSCSI (4 or 8 ports), 10GbE iSCSI (4 ports)

HPE StoreVirtual VSA Software

  • Supported hardware: Runs on all HPE ProLiant or third-party servers and c-Class server blades certified with VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Warranty: 3-year HPE Software support standard 9 X 5 phone support during business hours.

HPE Hyper Converged Systems

  • Virtualisation Platform: VMware, Microsoft
  • Cores: 6 to 16 cores per CPU, depending on model
  • Memory: 128 GB to 1536 GB RAM per compute node, depending on model
  • Disks: SFF SAS, SSD supported
  • Network: 1GbE and 10 GbE supported
  • Max Scale: 16 nodes per cluster

HPE StoreVirtual 4000 Storage

  • Capacity: 2.4TB  – 1536TB maximum per management group
  • Drive: (800) SFF SAS; (256) SFF MDL SAS; (384) LFF SAS; (384) LFF MDL SAS maximum
  • Host Interface: 1 GbE iSCSI (128) Ports; 10 GbE iSCSI (64) Ports; 8 Gb Fibre Channel (64) Ports. Maximum, depending on model; Optional upgrade to 10GbE iSCSI (64) Ports
  • OS: All major operating systems and hypervisors

HPE Helion Platform Simplifies your Cloud Infrastructure

Streamline development, deployment and delivery of applications for the cloud with this IaaS and PaaS combination, powered by HPE StoreVirtual, a vital part of the HPE Helion platform based on industry-leading OpenStack®.

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See the Depth and Breadth of Our Portfolio, Find Products Fast or Browse All Storage

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Software-defined storage (SDS) separates separating hardware and data from management to optimise costs while building a flexible architecture.

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HPE StoreVirtual VSA transforms your server’s internal or direct attached storage into a full-featured shared storage array affordably and simply.

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HPE’s Composable Data Fabric vision is to build on its proven software-defined storage foundation with a universal storage “operating system” which will span every platform, workload, form factor and protocol in software-defined data centres with extreme flexibility.

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Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments can be difficult, especially given today’s mobile and BYOD (bring your own device) workforce.

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Server virtualisation addresses the limitations of physical systems by allowing multiple operating systems and applications to run on a single host.

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