The High Performance Consortium for Advanced Scientific and Technical (HP-CAST) computing users group works to increase the capabilities of Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions for large-scale scientific and technical computing. HP-CAST provides guidance to Hewlett Packard Enterprise on the essential development and support issues for such systems. HP-CAST meetings typically include corporate briefings and presentations by HPE executives, technical staff, and HPE partners (under NDA), and discussions of customer issues related to high-performance computing.


Thank you for attending HP-CAST 31 in Dallas.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt June 13-15, 2019, for HP-CAST 32.


Article : High Performance Computing Solutions


High Performance Computing Solutions

Blog Post : Servers: The Right Compute

Blog Post

Servers: The Right Compute

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Innovate and Drive Results with Services for HPE Apollo

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Video | 03:28

Choosing the Right Infrastructure for Your Data-Driven Organization

Video : All-in on AI

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Video | 3:40

All-in on AI

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What Is Supercomputing