Cloud Application Delivery

Accelerate the delivery of cloud applications and services with the right mix of Hybrid IT.

Gain control of your cloud environment

Organisations need to be able to rapidly develop, deploy and manage business apps and services across a variety of clouds in a way that balances agility, scalability and security. A successful Hybrid IT strategy accelerates the delivery of cloud applications and services by providing the business with direct and rapid access to the right IT resources, at the right economics, matched with the right deployment venue for a given workload. Finding the right mix of Hybrid IT enables your organisation to quickly deliver applications and services to the business and remain in control while optimising costs.

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Optimise Cloud Application Delivery with Hybrid IT

Justify your Hybrid IT consumption

Justify your hybrid cloud future with a solid business case. Learn how to identify which apps are a good fit for the three major cloud deployment models and how to include the most important elements in your business case for each option.

Building the right hybrid environment

See what Hybrid IT can do for your business. Evaluate the economic and security implications of a multi-cloud environment and determine what hybrid mix works for you.

Analyse TCO to Optimise Your Cloud Delivery Model

Multi-cloud TCO analysis

Comparing the cost of private, public and managed cloud can be complex, often taking days or weeks to complete. Take advantage of a simple way to quickly determine how the cost of your private cloud compares to the cost of public clouds.

Optimise Cloud Application Delivery for Security and Compliance

Critical security and compliance considerations

The greatest barrier to cloud migrations is addressing security and compliance in the hybrid cloud space. Discover practical steps you can take to move toward a secure and compliant hybrid cloud.

Deliver Cloud Applications in a Secure Environment

Making sure your cloud delivery platform is secure

Choosing a hybrid cloud infrastructure includes weighing the security of each cloud delivery model and selecting the best models based on your security requirements. Learn important guidelines to consider as you evaluate the options.


of innovators believe IT remains an obstacle to faster delivery of apps and services1


of organisations think cloud workload placements increase responsiveness to shifting business needs2


of IT end users aren’t confident their cloud costs are under control3

Success in action

Twentieth Century Fox Accelerated Cloud Delivery with Hybrid IT

Empowering the transition to digital

HPE Helion helps 20th Century Fox find the right mix of Hybrid IT with a media cloud that accelerates the delivery and protection of their most precious assets.

Featured products and services

HPE offers solutions so you can accelerate the delivery of cloud applications and services.

HPE Helion CloudSystem

HPE Helion CloudSystem

A comprehensive hardware and software solution for private and hybrid cloud that speeds up development and makes IT operations more efficient.

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HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

An integrated HPE and Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud solution that allows you to easily move apps between the Azure public cloud and your data centre.

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HPE Cloud Strategy Services

HPE Cloud Strategy Services

Accelerate your cloud plans to rapidly achieve your business and IT goals with a flexible, well-defined cloud strategy and design.

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HPE Flexible Capacity

HPE Flexible Capacity

An infrastructure service that offers on-demand capacity, combining the agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

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Solve your key business challenges

A Hybrid IT model gives you the flexibility and agility to solve other challenges facing your business.

Transform to a hybrid infrastructure

Find the right mix of platforms for your apps and data across traditional IT, private and public cloud to minimise risk and maximise savings.

Enable flexible consumption models

Achieve the flexibility and economic benefits of public cloud without sacrificing the security and control of on-premises IT.

Ensure availability and resilience

Plan for the unexpected with mission-critical capabilities that empower you to reduce risk by ensuring availability and resilience for your apps and data.

Deliver IT as a service

Maximise your speed and agility by delivering IT as a service using your right mix of Hybrid IT.

Modernise your infrastructure

Consolidate and modernise your infrastructure with the right mix of Hybrid IT so you can optimise your IT operations and accelerate app development.

Connect with cloud specialist

Our experts will answer your questions and get you started on the path to accelerating cloud application delivery.


Video : Accelerate your right mix for IT with the Unified Transformation Framework

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Video | 2:48

The digital economy today is forcing customers to react in new ways. That is the job of enterprise IT today; to move into this Hybrid IT-enabled state and to be able to broker this much more complex digital supply chain on behalf of their business.

White Paper : Rethinking your IT consumption

Understand How Cloud App Delivery Affects IT Consumption
White Paper

The ability to map an investment strategy to a technology strategy can pay dividends by accelerating transformation and providing that extra degree of flexibility needed to adapt to more frequent disruptions within the market landscape.

Analyst White Paper : Hybrid IT: Best practices for workload placement

Use Hybrid IT Best Practices for Cloud Deliver
Analyst White Paper | PDF | 487 KB

When it comes to workload placement in a Hybrid IT environment, there are many choices – Private Cloud, Public Cloud, SaaS, Traditional IT, plus a variety of factors that influence your decision. What are the Hybrid IT trends related to workload placement? What are the top factors that influence workload placement decisions? Where are other companies placing various workloads now and in the future? How are you determining optimal workload placement in a Hybrid IT environment? Getting workload placement right is vital today because by making the right choices, organizations can optimize and better control costs while giving users the data and services essential to growing and developing the business. Download the 451 Research report today to learn the best practices you can use as you make workload placement decisions in a Hybrid IT environment.

White Paper : Navigating IT Transformation: Tales from the Front Lines

Transform Cloud Application Delivery and Deployment with Hybrid IT
White Paper | PDF | 4 MB

Today's business dynamics drive the need for IT infrastructure change and organizations can't afford to be complacent. Register to read IDG's latest dossier from their recent worldwide survey and interviews on how IT professionals weigh the risks and benefits associated with infrastructure change and get the insights into the most-cited triggers for taking action.

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