IT Support Services

Get flexible support to operate and evolve your data centre.

Myriad Demands, One Vendor

Unfortunately, warranties do not cover IT support. Infrastructure design has become so complex that staff expertise is a requirement while maintenance typically consumes 70 percent of your budget.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise IT Support Services can help keep your entire data centre optimised for current – and future – workloads. Fully customised service packages support you from deployment through optimisation, pre-emptive maintenance, upgrades and transformation.

Get proactive analysis, fast troubleshooting and rapid problem resolution. With the largest ecosystem and partner support network in the industry, you’ll get local services with global resources – no matter where you’re located. 

Your data centres will suffer far less down time and demand fewer personnel hours spent on maintenance, all for much less than you’re probably spending now.

Simple, Affordable and Scalable

Choose from five levels of service designed around different budgets and models. We support HPE servers, storage and networking products, plus third-party software for the leading x86 operating systems. HPE experts help diagnose and resolve problems and provide software and firmware advice.

Prevent Issues and Solve Problems Quickly

This simplified and cost-effective option combines high-level personal service with smart technology, all to maintain an agile, healthy and reliable infrastructure that boosts business performance. Remote automated consultation, recommendations and support deliver fast troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Our Most Comprehensive and Flexible Service

Get comprehensive, flexible, personalised and proactive data centre support. Your single-point-of-contact and dedicated team can manage multi-vendor environments, cloud, service providers, infrastructure automation, operational support services and SAP HANA Tailored Data Centre Integration.

For Help When You Need It

Count on HPE experts and our global network of partners for project-based, per-event expertise and support at any stage of your IT lifecycle. You have access to a wide range of services that include deploying new technology, optimising IT performance, simplifying operations, addressing privacy risks and more.

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HPE and Citrix Prove the Value of Proactive Services

To maintain a highly dynamic environment, HPE Proactive Care helps Citrix stay ahead of constantly evolving technology and usage demands.

Flawless Data Access Underpins Norrbottens Healthcare

Our HPE Flexible Capacity service ensures this Swedish healthcare delivery network has 100% uptime and the ability to plan its IT technology roadmap.

Improved Support Lifts Service Availability for Virgin Media

This multi-industry leader gets faster care and proactive long-term improvement by consolidating its support through HPE Support Services.

IT Support Services Portfolio

HPE Foundation Care

HPE Foundation Care

Five levels of service for HPE servers, storage and networking products, plus third-party software.

HPE Proactive Care

HPE Proactive Care

Optimise uptime with personal, simplified proactive IT support.

HPE Data Centre Care

HPE Data Centre Care

Single-point-of-contact data centre support.

HPE Lifecycle Event Services

HPE Lifecycle Event Services

Project-based expertise and support for any stage of your IT lifecycle.

More Services to Take Your Enterprise Further

HPE Flexible Capacity Services

Get the pay-as-you-grow, on-demand, scalable benefits of a public cloud with the security of on-premise IT.

HPE Education and Training Services

Choose from a comprehensive range of technology training and education tools for every stage of your IT lifecycle.

Find Additional Support

Contact an IT Support Services Expert

Talk to an HPE IT Support Services expert and find out the best ways to optimise your IT investment.

Get Support For Your Product

Get the IT Support Services you need quickly and easily by connecting directly to our support organisation.

Contact a Partner

Find a local HPE Partner who can help you with your IT and data centre management, maintenance, optimisation and upgrades. 

Register Your HPE Care Pack Online

You’ll be guided through the simple process of registering your HPE products. You can register multiple products from a single location.


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Choose between standard and customised network support services for all of your data centre needs.

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Learn what questions to ask and what to avoid as you plan to modernise your IT enterprise.