Storage Replication Software

HPE P6000 Business Copy Software, an array based application that utilizes a powerfully simple HPE Replication Solutions Manager (RSM) user interface, to create, manage and configure local replication on the full P6000 product family to meet business continuity and regulatory requirements. P6000 Business Copy software shares an integrated management interface with HPE P6000 Continuous Access Software. The RSM manages all local and remote replication features across the full P6000 array storage family. The combination of the Business Copy Software’s unique Snapclone and Vsnap local replication technologies with an unparalleled easy to use RSM interface, businesses now can achieve new IT efficiencies. With the new Instant Restore capability enterprises can now quickly and easily restore a source volume if it should become corrupted. The flexible and cost effective license model offers a simple means to achieve growth without limits when business needs change.

What's new

  • Supports Dynamic LUN/RAID migration.
  • Large LUN support with snapshots.
  • Support for VMFS volumes.


Simple to Manage and Configure

HPE P6000 Business Copy Software uses an advanced management interface, where users can quickly configure and manage local replication with up to 7x less effort that competitive products.

Vsnap, Snapclone and MirrorClone provide fast, non disruptive point-in-time data copies. Simply assign disk group and RAID to match protection levels to business value. Improve application availability through non-disruptive restore of online volumes.

HPE P6000 Business Copy Software restores volumes with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Dynamic LUN/RAID migration feature allows the ability to change the characteristics of an existing LUN such as RAID type, Disk type, LUN size, while the host I/O operation is active.

Advanced Replication Technology

Customers can quickly recover a corrupted Vdisk.

Snapclones provide the unique ability to allow immediate access to clones. Vsnaps are true space efficient Snapshots that allocate space as needed. Both technologies provide the optimum use of storage capacity.

Accelerated return on investment is achieved through advanced replication technologies that use storage capacity wisely while protecting your applications.

Flexible and Versatile

The HPE P6000 Business Copy Software single management interface supports the full HPE P6000 EVA family.

Flexible security model that allows simplified, role based Operating System authentication and user administration with audit capabilities.