How do I transition to a hybrid world taking advantage of public cloud?

Hedvig software available through the HPE Complete program, provides a software-defined storage fabric solution that enables IT transformation for primary and secondary data. One platform that is workload agnostic to support virtualization, containers, and backup. It stores and protects data with encryption at rest and in flight with multisite replication across private and public clouds. Hedvig lets you tailor a scale-out, elastic storage solution on HPE server products and public cloud to support emerging applications, hypervisors, or container deployments. Customers see improved speed of delivery, automation, technology flexibility, and simplified deployment and operations while improving TCO. It is ideal for block, file, or object storage when the customer is aiming to simplify their infrastructure stack to support VMware®, microservices (Docker, Mesosphere, Kubernetes, OpenShift) and backup 50 TB and above.

What's new

  • Hedvig is a Veeam certified backup repository solution and also part of the Veeam alliance partner program:
  • Hedvig provides dynamic provisioner for Kubernetes, along with Docker and Mesosphere
  • Hedvig is now officially certified with Veritas NetBackup through the NetBackup OST program:


Software-defined Virtualization and Container Storage for Hybrid IT

Hedvig software, available through HPE Complete, provides flexibility and investment protection for customers by supporting a wide array of hybrid, virtualization, container, and orchestration environments.

Hedvig software combined with VMware integration on your network file systems (NFS) provides an alternative to implementing block storage.

Supports multiple virtualization environments, including Hyper-V®, Xen®, and KVM (OpenStack®).

Allows multiple container environments, including: Docker and Red Hat® OpenShift.

Accepts multiple types of orchestration, including Kubernetes, Mesos, and Mesosphere.

Inherently Multisite: Multidata Center, Hybrid Cloud, and Multicloud

Hedvig Software has built in scalable and application-specific replication policies that allow you to implement enterprise-grade resilience and cloud migration strategies for applications.

Multisite awareness: everything from racks in the same data center to multiple data centers to public clouds.

Clones can have replication volumes that differ from the base volume delivering increased flexibility.

Enables migration to and from the cloud, as well as cloud arbitrage.

Software-defined Scale-out Backup Repository, Compatible with any Backup Application

Hedvig's backup solution provides an option of deploying a hyperconverged or hyperscale backup solution.

Hedvig’s scale-out backup target can work with any backup application, such as Veeam, NetBackup, and Commvault. Hedvig is already NetBackup and Veeam certified.

Hedvig’s advanced global deduplication and compression algorithms provide significant storage reduction.

Enables hybrid cloud and multicloud backup deployments.

Fully Programmable Platform for DevOps

With Hedvig software, storage interactions can be programmed using REST APIs to quickly integrate into existing infrastructure and application frameworks. These include create/modify/delete volume, grant/revoke volume access to clients, and get cluster usage statistics.

A variety of integrations and plug-ins to facilitate customers’ modernization efforts are available such as: VMware, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Mesos and Mesosphere, and OpenStack.

Both GUI and CLI are also provided for customers more comfortable with these interfaces.

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