HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management

Seamlessly monitor, manage and gain visibility of your distributed compute environment.

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Stop managing your management tools and instantly access new services, features, and fixes. See how easy it is to use HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management and quickly update server firmware.

Unify compute management

Streamline compute management operations with a centralized, cloud experience. With real-time access to servers, you can quickly gain visibility to your distributed environment, identify issues, and update servers in a few clicks. 

Simplify and automate tasks

Save time and money with agile server lifecycle management that reduces manual efforts, drives better efficiency of server deployments and updates, gives visibility into server health status, and alerts you to critical hardware failures.

Secure compute operations

Take a zero-trust approach that incorporates multi-factor authentication, security certificates, and the world’s most secure industry-standard server—HPE ProLiant—so you can easily establish governance and compliance controls across the entire environment.

Our customers

Modernize your compute management experience

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management simplifies and automates operations across the server lifecycle, no matter where your compute infrastructure lives. The service provides a consistent, secure cloud experience for the whole environment that scales elastically and unifies compute management.

Included with HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers

With the HPE ProLiant Gen11 next generation portfolio, the management experience is being transformed. It provides an intuitive cloud operating experience that’s simple to use and can be managed via a single console using HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management.

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Log in and test out Compute Ops Management in a live demo environment. A provided user guide helps you test out a variety of use cases.

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Get an as-a-service management experience in your own environment and see how it enables IT to easily monitor, manage and update servers remotely through a cloud-based console – anywhere, anytime.

Subscription info and features

Get more details about which features are available within the subscription that can be purchased for HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management.

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