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Not Just Fun and Games

Here’s what innovation looks like in the new idea economy: Newsense—winners of AngelHack London 2015—is promising to change the way we consume and use news. Built with Angular.js, RESTful, and HPE Haven OnDemand APIs, the Newsense app helps organisations protect and manage their online brands by monitoring, analysing and quickly comparing news sentiment on their company, as well as competitors.

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Discover how Newsense uses HPE Haven OnDemand APIs – Watch the Video


Platforms and tools for developers, data scientists, DevOps and DB admins.

Big Data and Analytics

Petabyte-scale analytics with support for Hadoop, Apache Kafka and popular BI/ETL tools.

Software-Defined Networking

Build a rock-solid network for mission-critical business applications.

Application Development

Full lifecycle app development solutions for cloud, mobile, enterprise and IOT applications.

Platform Showcase

Real world stories of how developers are leveraging HPE technology.

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How to Visualise Data Hidden in PDFs

Neel Mehta describes his hackathon experience developing an app that encourages government transparency.

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BlueCat DNS Blocks Malware

BlueCat DNS built an SDN app that blocks malware, prevents the establishment of DNS tunnels and adds an extra layer of security on top of existing infrastructure.

Thomson Reuters Enterprise Hackathon

A global hackathon helped Thomson Reuters tackle complex data analytics challenges using HPE Haven OnDemand.

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Get help building your next killer app.

Infrastructure As Code

Applications increasingly require infrastructures built on fluid, software-defined resource pools and fabrics to support continually changing needs. The open HPE Composable Infrastructure API adds interoperability between HPE OneView and other software for programmatic infrastructure abstraction and automation operation changes at scale. 

HPE Haven OnDemand Apps

With more than 70 REST APIs, HPE Haven OnDemand allows you to analyse, index, classify and search structured and unstructured data. These useful tutorials show you how to develop your first HPE Haven OnDemand application.

HPE Helion Quick Start Developer Trial

The Quick Start Developer Trial is the fastest way to evaluate the HPE Helion Development Platform for yourself. Download the files, create and configure your sandbox environment, and deploy your app.

Simplify How You Manage Your Servers

The RESTful API for HPE iLO allows you to provision and monitor your HPE Servers through a single programming interface and without the traditional complexity.


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