Hybrid IT for Dummies

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Hybrid IT consists of both cloud and on-premises data center infrastructure. This book helps you understand both sides of the hybrid IT equation and how HPE can help your organization transform its IT operations and save time and money in the process. I delve into the worlds of security, economics, and operations to show you new ways to support your business workloads.

Read this in-depth guide to learn how HPE’s hybrid IT solutions can help your business complete a digital transformation.

Introduction ... 1
Chapter 1: Your Workloads, Your Options ... 3
Chapter 2: Hybrid IT Critical Success Factors ... 13
Chapter 3: IT’s All about the Workloads ... 21
Chapter 4: Workload Control ... 27
Chapter 5: The Real Costs of Workloads ... 33
Chapter 6: HPE Hybrid IT Infrastructure ... 39
Chapter 7: Enabling Hybrid IT ... 49
Chapter 8: Ten Key Hybrid IT Tips ... 55