Master the Cloud Cliff

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Hybrid IT is the new reality. Companies must balance the right mix of private, public clouds, and traditional IT. Learn from the stories of executives who faced the “cloud cliff” and found ways avoid it.

Discover how Hybrid IT helps companies strike the perfect balance between public-cloud cost efficiencies and on-premises data center security and control.

Introduction ... 4

Hybrid IT: the balancing act ... 6

Cloud cliffs, challenges, and concerns ...7

Performance ... 8

Cost ...11

Control ...14

Lessons learned ...18

Optimal IT solutions ...21

Healthcare: Public cloud and a major acquisition ...24

Social media case 1: When it hurts to be on the bleeding edge ...26

Social media case 2: The day the public cloud died ...28

Public sector: Outgrowing the public cloud ...30

Retail: Paying the price for a hasty decision ...32

Financial services: Finding the right Hybrid IT mix ...34