HPE is committed to providing products and services that are accessible for people with disabilities. HPE products are designed to best meet the requirements of international and regional standards such as the U.S. Section 508, WCAG 2.0 (level A and AA) guidelines and EN 301 549 where reasonably possible.

HPE products are typically installed in a computer room or distributed through IOT end points using industry standard communication protocols. People interact through a client side computing device such as a workstation or PC. HPE uses open operating systems to further facilitate compatibility with assistive technologies.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a Founding Member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), a not-for-profit association focused on helping accessibility professionals advance their careers to better enable organizations to integrate accessibility into their products and infrastructure.

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Product accessibility conformance reports

Hewlett Packard Enterprise utilizes the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template®, or VPAT®. This tool is used to document a product's conformance with the accessibility standards under Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act as well as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.0 or the EN 301 549 standard supporting the European Union. The purpose of the VPAT is to assist Federal contracting officials and other buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial "Electronic and Information Technology" products and services with features that support accessibility.

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) is the creator the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template®, or VPAT®, a tool that enhances industry-customer communications on ICT product and service conformance with relevant accessibility standards and guidelines. More information on the VPAT® can be found on the ITIC website.

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Accessible customer support

Customers with vision, hearing, or age-related limitations or otherwise need accessible customer support may contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise customer support at the following numbers. Please advise the support representative of your needs so we can better assist you.

• 844-806-3425 Warranty or 800-633-3600 Contract

• HPE Customer Support Contact Webpage

• Contact Form for People with Disabilities or Age-Related Limitations

For customers in the United States, The Federal Communications Commission adopted use of the 711 dialing code for access to Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS). TRS permits persons with a hearing or speech disability to use the telephone system via a text telephone (TTY) or other device to call persons with or without such disabilities. For more information about the various types of TRS, see the FCC consumer guide (External) or visit the FCC Disability Rights Office (External).

Accessibility standards and regulations



Web Content Accessibility Initiative (WAI) helps Web designers and developers create sites that better meet the needs of people with disabilities or age-related limitations. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) advances accessibility across the full range of web content (text, images, audio, and video), web applications, and software. WCAG 2.0 has also been approved as ISO/IEC 40500:2012.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) v2.0 and implements the guidelines to the extent possible in our web, software, and non-web documentation products. HPE is able to provide a WCAG 2.0 conformance report on demand. Check with your local Sales to request a report.

United States

US Section 508

The US Section 508 standards were created by the US Access Board and are part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and address access for people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities in Information and Communication Technology. They contain technical criteria specific to various types of technologies and performance-based requirements which focus on functional capabilities of covered products. Specific criteria cover software applications and operating systems, web-based information and applications, computers, telecommunications products, video and multi-media, and self-contained closed products.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise supports this US Federal procurement policy and makes product conformance reports available to support a customer need on request.

• US Government Section 508 Website (External)

• US Government Buy Accessible Website (External)

21st Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act (CVAA)

The CVAA updates accessibility laws to increase the access of persons with disabilities to modern communications, including new digital, broadband, and mobile innovations. Regulations are enforced by the FCC and documented as 47 CFR Part 14 and Part 79.

US Section 255

Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act requires telecommunications products and services used in the home or office to be accessible to people with disabilities. FCC rules also cover basic and special telecommunications services.


The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act sets accessibility standards to make goods, services, and facilities accessible to Ontarians with disabilities. The AODA applies to every person or organization that provides goods, services, or facilities to the public or other third parties and that has at least one employee in Ontario; and accessibility measures must be implemented on or before January 1, 2025.

• Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada Accessible Customer Service Policy (English)

• Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada AODA (English)

• Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada Politique Relative aux Normes d’Accessibilité (French)

• Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada LAPHO (French)

European Union

The EN 301 549 Standard (external link) was created by the European Union within Mandate 376 for use as the basis for an online toolkit for public procurement of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) products. The standard specifies the functional accessibility requirements applicable to ICT products and services, together with a description of the test procedures and evaluation methodology for each accessibility requirement.

HPE is able to provide an EN 301 549 product conformance report on demand. Check with your local Sales to request a report.