C-series Switches

Do you need a multi-service switch that supports multiple protocols?

The HPE StoreFabric SN6500C 16Gb FC/FCIP/FCoE Multi-service Switch (Cisco MDS 9250i) is a flexible switch for deploying SAN extension solutions, distributed intelligent fabric services and cost-effective multiprotocol connectivity for open systems. It offers advanced capabilities available only to director class switches. With up to forty 16 Gb Fibre Channel ports, two 10 Gigabit Ethernet IP storage services ports, and eight 10GbE FC over Ethernet (FCoE) ports in a fixed 2U form factor, it is an ideal multiservice switch for department or remote branch office SANs . It connects both existing FC networks and protects your current SAN switch investments. SAN Extension over IP is enabled on the two fixed 10GbE IP storage services ports, enabling FC over IP (FCIP) and compression without the need for additional licenses. Using the eight FCoE ports, the switch attaches directly to FCoE and FC storage devices.

What's new

  • New DCNM switch-based license
  • Highly flexible industry leading proven Cisco MDS 9200 Series Multiservice switches delivering 16Gb FC/FCIP/FCoE.
  • Supports SAN Extension solutions enabling backup, remote replication and other disaster recovery solutions over WAN distances with MDS 9700 Series (HPE StoreFabric SN8500C) Directors.


High Density SAN Consolidation with Integrated Multiprotocol Support

The HPE StoreFabric SN6500C 16 Gb FC/FCIP/FCoE Multi-service Switch ships in a base offering of twenty 16 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) ports for high-performance SAN connectivity, two 10GbE IP storage service ports and eight 10GbE FCoE ports. The base version is scalable to forty 16 Gb FC ports.

The switch connects to native FC SANs for investment protection as well as offering a single compact solution for native FC gateway opportunities with FCoE (Converged Fabric), enabling unified network fabric connectivity.

Remote SAN Extension with High-Performance FCIP

The HPE StoreFabric SN6500C 16 Gb FC/FCIP/FCoE Multi-service Switch provides FCIP support for business continuity and disaster recovery either as a standalone device as well as an FCIP SAN extension switch for MDS 9700 series (HPE StoreFabric SN8500C) Directors.

This switch breaks the distance barriers of current Fibre Channel (FC) solutions with support for FCIP, enabling interconnection of SAN islands over extended distances.

You will get dramatically enhanced hardware-based FCIP compression performance for both high-bandwidth and low-bandwidth links, which provides immediate cost saving for expensive WAN infrastructure. Used with other hardware based encryption it provides high-performance SAN extension capabilities.

The SN6500C 16Gb Multi-service Switch supports hardware-based IPsec encryption for improved transmission security of sensitive data over extended distances. Hardware enablement of IPsec helps to provide high throughput.

Comprehensive Robust Network Security and Optimization

The HPE StoreFabric SN6500C 16 Gb FC/FCIP/FCoE Multi-service Switch supports hardware-based data compression and tape acceleration to enhance remote backup operations and allow more data to be transferred over WAN connections more cost effectively. Shift your budget from operations to innovation.

The switch supports a variety of security features to support protection of your customer data. A variety of security techniques are supported such as encryption, switch authentication, data integrity, hardware-enforced zoning and more across multiprotocol connectivity.

The SN6500C 16Gb Multi-service Switch offers a highly available solution that protects data from unauthorized access and keeps data private while meeting regulatory compliance and avoiding financial consequences of a security breach.

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