Disk Enclosures

Need a cost-effective high-capacity direct attach storage (DAS) option?

The HPE D8000 Disk Enclosures with 12 Gb/s SAS architecture extends and redefines DAS for HPE ProLiant servers. The HPE D8000 Disk Enclosures, designed for data-intensive environments, is a storage enclosure for dense, cost-effective external storage expansion for massive data capacity applications. The HPE D8000 Disk Enclosures can be used not only as a standalone DAS enclosure but can also be used for expansion in storage applications like Cloud backup, data protection or big data environments (structured and unstructured). HPE D8000 Disk Enclosures support low profile drive carriers. Two enclosures can be daisy-chained together to provide support for up to 211 drives.

What's new

  • Introducing the new 14 TB SAS 10-pack hard drive bundle
  • Adding support for 14 TB SAS and SATA large form factor drives
  • Adding support for daisy-chaining


High-density, Low-cost External SAS Storage for HPE ProLiant Servers

The HPE D8000 Disk Enclosures with dual I/O modules provides a 12 Gb/s SAS unit that is designed to support 106 Large Form Factor (LFF) SAS and SATA HDDs or SSDs in just 4U of rack space for customers needing a dense storage option with a low acquisition cost.

The simplicity of an in-rack storage solution reduces your expense and complexity from the storage architecture. A Smart Array P408e-p or E208e-p Gen10 controller can connect up to two D8000 enclosures.

Ability to daisy-chain two D8000 enclosures increases the capacity up to 2,954 TB with 211 drives of 14 TB each.

High-Performance 12 Gb/s SAS Connectivity to External Storage

The HPE D8000 Disk Enclosures with dual I/O modules delivers 12 Gb/s host connectivity enabling higher performance, eases configuration/deployment and broadens supported features of a D8000 Disk Enclosure using HPE Smart Array P408e-p and E208e-p Gen10 controllers.

With the HPE D8000 Disk Enclosures, applications and storage are installed in the same rack. Latency is reduced as data does not travel over large distances.

Solid State Drive support with integrated “wear gauge” helps improves application performance and allows customers to reduce their operating costs by reducing foot prints and power consumptions.